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Partner Q&A With Button

In today’s mobile-first world, optimizing the mobile shopping experience is essential for marketers to drive profitable growth. Enter Button, the leading mobile experience platform that offers solutions to fix broken mobile experiences and capture lost revenue, while also enabling app acquisition and first-party data collection. Through their AI-powered technology, Button offers a unique approach to affiliate marketing, resulting in a 40% average growth rate for customers.

In this Partner Q&A with Button, we will delve deeper into what makes Button unique, the current trends in the industry, the challenges brands face, and how Button is driving innovation in the partnership space.


Who is Button?

Button is the leading mobile experience platform that helps marketers drive profitable growth. Our technology is powered by AI, which seeks to provide users with optimized shopping journeys, ultimately increasing the likelihood for conversion downstream.

Button’s PostTap product is integrated with every major affiliate network as the primary mobile app tracking solution to fix broken mobile experiences and capture missing credit affiliate marketers are losing out on – Button customers see their programs grow by 40% on average when Button is integrated.


What makes Button unique?

Button’s mission is to transform the economic infrastructure of the internet, from ads to commerce and outcomes that matter. We do so by:

  • Offering brands a solution that fixes broken mobile experiences and captures lost revenue and visibility that is required for marketers to invest in these models in their apps which represent their largest, fastest growing, and most performant channel.
  • Enabling app acquisition and first-party data collection, like phone and email, from customized landing pages. Every marketer knows that developing repeat buyers is vital as it reduces the need to pay for customers over and over – and Button’s PostTap platform enables marketers to capture vitally important first-party data – enabling affiliate marketers an opportunity to get recognized across their organizations by contributing to their CMO’s most important goals.
  • Removing the burden that comes with accounting for technical and experiential complexities permeating the mobile landscape. We recognize that it’s impossible to take a one-size-fits-all approach to every link an influencer shares or an affiliate uses and still meet the needs of our brands and consumers alike. When a user clicks through a PostTap optimized link, our technology thoughtfully considers all nuances that come with mobile shopping; from varying device types to inconsistent web vs. app experiences, our AI considers hundreds of inputs when deciding how to route a given user to create the best possible brand shopping experience.


What trends are you seeing today?

We’re continuing to see that apps perform 300% higher than mobile web shopping journeys, meaning that for every marketer wanting to grow their affiliate program, the easiest way to do so is with Button’s PostTap product. The app user is more loyal, delivers higher lifetime value (LTV), and has a profitable relationship to our brands. A few recent analyses showed that:

  • App shoppers convert 3x higher, on average, than web shoppers
  • New app shopper LTV is 20% higher than their web counterparts

We’re also seeing renewed vigor in all our relationships with the major affiliate networks to work with us more strategically now that they’ve affirmed our technology is best in market. These partnerships, and the solutions we collectively offer our clients, are critical to ensuring that brands are successful in achieving their goals in the channel.

Lastly, we’re recently noticing an interesting shift in partnership and investment strategies. Brands are placing stronger value on their influencer partnerships, and as a result, a larger portion of traffic is often coming from these sources. Unfortunately, the impact of broken mobile experiences is felt more deeply by these influencers, as social platforms often introduce friction in the shopping journey when customers attempt to click out to continue their shopping experience in app, which creates poor results for influencers and brands alike.

Our technology removes these pain points, and dramatically increases conversion rate for this subset of campaigns, which is imperative in facilitating strong influencer partnerships and fostering positive brand-consumer experiences.


What challenges are brands facing today and how are you helping to address challenges brands are facing?

Brands are very cognizant of the current economic climate, and more than ever must demonstrate positive ROI from their campaigns. Button is well positioned to support this initiative, as efficiency and profitability have always been a key pillar of our value proposition.

Our technology was built to drive uplift in conversion rate, maximizing the revenue that brands see from every dollar spent against each marketing campaign they execute.


How are you driving innovation in the partnership space?

Button is constantly looking for new opportunities for innovation. Working with companies like Expedia, Etsy, StockX, and so many of the world’s most innovative brands – we’re constantly pushed by our marketers to deliver new and exciting innovation that enables them to hit their goals.

We are regularly enhancing existing products through ongoing experimentation and in-market research, while also investigating product expansion opportunities via third party integrations. We strive to be on the forefront of mobile commerce, and are dedicated to advancing our technology to meet the needs of the industry as it evolves.


How are you working with brands with an existing affiliate program?

Our brands lean on us to optimize their mobile traffic from their affiliate and influencer traffic, and now, across their CRM, social, and display channels. Wherever there is an opportunity to boost conversion, PostTap plays a role.

We are integrated with all the major affiliate networks including Awin, Impact, Partnerize, CJ, and Rakuten. This allows us to act as an optimization layer in partnership with their platforms to provide seamless mobile routing, customizable user experiences, app acquisition and in-app tracking, while the networks remain the partnership platform of record handling contracting, commissioning, performance reporting and more.

These network partnerships and integrations have proven to be extremely beneficial for the brands we work with in making it more seamless for them to incorporate new app strategies within their existing affiliate programs, and also creates a positive impact for publishers who then start to receive credit for the app sales they are driving. We also partner with every major MMP to enable marketers to get the best of Button’s affiliate optimization and in app tracking and enable the MMPs to do their job of holistic multi-channel measurement.


What successes are you seeing with brands you are working with?

Our brands are seeing strong improvement to ROI, with sizable lift across key metrics like revenue and conversion rate. CJ reported that across their PostTap enabled clients, they saw an average 251% increase in revenue per click from the app experience as compared to the standard mobile web experience.

Another client shared that our links were more effective at getting customers into their app, where conversion rate is 3x higher than their mobile web experience.


What levers can brands pull with their mobile apps to drive ROI?

Brands need to start getting more creative in how they engage their mobile audience. First, they need to know how to engage them based on their customers’ preferences. One way of doing that is considering first-party data capture (e.g., SMS or email) within their marketing flows, which then would allow for ongoing re-engagement of those highly loyal, opted-in users.

Second, it’s important to consider opportunities that enhance brands’ customer experience on mobile, and help them stand-out from their competitors. That could require some investment into the app or web experience itself, but there are lower-hanging opportunities for personalization, including landing page customization (which Button can help with!) and incentivization for in-app purchase behavior.


What types of brands/verticals do you want to work with and what are the scenarios and use cases where a brand should consider working with a partner like Button?

Button works with clients across verticals, including retail, travel, rideshare, on-demand, grocery, and most recently, we launched finance. So long as a brand has an app where conversion events occur, there’s value that Button can offer! We help marketers of all types acquire new app users, increase app engagement, and optimize their traffic with AI to improve experiences for the mobile customer, and in turn, positively impact our customer’s bottom line.


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By: Dan Martel