The Case Study

Affiliate Marketing + Facebook Live Collaboration Adds 388 New Users for FinTech App

A millennial-focused financial technology company offering users cash rewards when they make purchases via the company's mobile app. This company also acts as an affiliate by promoting brands in their marketplaces.

The Affiliate Partner

Givling is a crowdfunding app that helps people pay off their student loans by playing trivia. Participants complete offers for a chance to enter, but also complete offers for series of clues that announce the winners. Givling is also an affiliate partner to brands.


388 new app users who linked their credit card
within the 48-hour Facebook live event

The Challenge

An Out-of-the-Box Opportunity

After brainstorming opportunities for growth with Givling, the Acceleration Partners team received the go-ahead from their client to test an out-of-the-box affiliate marketing collaboration: a live, 48-hour Facebook Live campaign with their affiliate partner, Givling.

This social media event was designed to reach a millennial audience with the goal of increasing the number of new app users linking their credit card to the client's app.

The campaign's Facebook Live video featured a new user walking viewers through the client's cash rewards app. At the end of the walk-through, the user then announced a "clue" about one of Givling's $10K winners, which served to generate more interest and reach from Givling's community about this Facebook Live event.

To publicize and garner excitement for the Facebook Live event, Givling posted about it via their social channels a few days prior. The actual live event then took place over 48-hours in mid-December.

This partnership campaign required no additional cost from the client, just an exclusive offer for Givling to promote.

Our Approach

Winning Strategies

The client provided Givling with a unique invite code to use in their Facebook Live promotion. The invite code applied 5,000 points to the account of each user who signed up for the client's app.

Although the invite code was only applicable for new users, the client also offered three users a chance to receive 100,000 points (equivalent to $100) if they posted about the client's reward app.

These winners were chosen by Givling based on their creativity, enthusiasm and engagement on social. Additionally, to encourage users to join the live stream, Givling randomly chose 10 winners to receive 100K points from the client's app that would be directly deposited into their account.

The biggest incentive was a randomly-selected 500,000-point giveaway (equivalent to $500) if 500 new users signed up for the client's app and added in their credit card information.

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