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Targeted Marketing Tactics Allow Le Col To Tap Into a Lucrative Market

Founded by professional cyclist and rider for team GB, Yanto Barker, Le Col is a premium British cycling apparel brand with a single-minded focus on performance. They take real pride in what they do, with a simple but enduring purpose: to make the best performance kit to help cyclists ride faster and further on every ride.

Learn how Acceleration Partners helped Le Col create a targeted recruitment and activation campaign to drive significant growth in the affiliate channel, making it one of the brand’s strongest performing marketing channels.



year-over-year increase in sale active affiliate partners


month-over-month increase in sales via the affiliate channel


Streamlined Recruitment and Activation Strategy

Acceleration Partners analyzed existing program partners and created a targeted reactivation list. They also performed a GAP analysis of Le Col’s competitors and identified 300 top-tier partner recruitment targets across a range of partner types. The team developed and implemented a streamlined recruitment and activation strategy and capitalized on the increased popularity of cycling and related products. As a result, Le Col’s affiliate program is now a top-performing channel.

New Program Product Feed
The team helped Le Col launch a new program product feed, creating opportunity to work with Price Comparison and CSS partners.

New Partner Recruitment and Activation
Messaging focused on brand growth, increase in product demand, and compelling brand promotions.

New partners received a 5% CPA increase during their first month upon activation.

Engagement of Existing Partners
Messaging focused on product demand and compelling brand promotions.

The team negotiated increased exposure and strengthened relationships with existing partners.

The great results we have seen have been made possible by Acceleration Partners effective account management. In the current environment, it has been crucial that we respond fast and the team at AP have activated partners efficiently and prioritized our recruitment to bring in high value partners quickly.

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