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AP Helps Men’s Retailer Relaunch Affiliate Program and Achieve 46:1 ROI

A men’s online clothing brand had previously shut down a network-managed affiliate program that failed to bring in new customers and add value to the bottom line. Rather than miss out on a lucrative digital acquisition channel, the retailer partnered with Acceleration Partners to relaunch their program and develop a strategy that delivered on the promise of incremental, performance-based revenue.

Discover how Acceleration Partners helped this retailer realize a 46:1 ROI within just 10 months.


The relaunch and campaign demonstrated the value of affiliate marketing as a new customer acquisition channel. In addition, affiliate marketing became one of the retailer’s top digital marketing channels.


ROI realized within 10 months


Acceleration Partners worked in tandem with the retailer to relaunch their affiliate program with a focus on building relationships with content sites and acquiring incremental, new customers.

  • Selected a single affiliate network that provided full transparency and sophisticated attribution tools
  • Recruited bloggers and other content sites to provide top-of-funnel brand awareness
  • Implemented coupon-locking rules to increase revenue and manage costs
  • Partnered with a select group of coupon and loyalty sites that could be leveraged during sales promotions or when the retailer needed to push volume
  • Employed third-party monitoring to catch fraudulent and low-quality affiliates
  • Analyzed internal results and structured the program to meet cost and performance goals

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