The Case Study

Building an Effective Affiliate Program From the Ground Up

Acceleration Partners worked closely with children's specialty retailer to develop and launch their affiliate program. Their objective was to create an affiliate marketing strategy that would grow their in-person and online consumer base through brand awareness while also minimizing cost per acquisition. 

Learn how AP helped this children's speciality retailer build a custom strategy using traditional and non-traditional partnerships to increase their affiliate base by 175%.



schools joined the storefront program in the first five months


of all affiliates are content bloggers


 increase in affiliate base without using coupon sites


 conversion rate via Discover partnership


year-over-year affiliate program revenue increase

The Challenge

The client, a children’s specialty retailer, operates in an extremely niche market. Additionally, the retailer’s in-house team had virtually no experience creating, launching, or managing an affiliate marketing program. However, the retailer does have a well-established business model and strong sales revenue, which serve as a viable launching point for a successful affiliate program.

The retailer’s goal for the affiliate program was to enhance brand awareness among potential customers. The client also hoped to use the affiliate channel as its primary method of acquiring additional online buyers.

In order to achieve all of the client’s performance goals, Acceleration Partners needed to develop an affiliate program that drove both in-store and online sales. This would require the creation of new partnerships with traditional and non-traditional affiliates.

Our Approach


Acceleration Partners crafted a custom strategy that addressed the unique needs of the client. This strategy outlined several steps that must be taken to ensure the program's success. Acceleration Partners’ plan involved the following:
  • Launch the program on one dedicated affiliate network
  • Launch coinciding loyalty programs to increase total sales
  • Partner with Access Network and Discover
  • Set a competitive commission structure
  • Connect with non-traditional affiliates via a storefront program
  • Develop modernized marketing strategies
  • Recruit thousands of content bloggers

Acceleration Partners’ multifaceted approach laid the foundation for a successful affiliate program. It also advanced the client’s goals of increasing brand awareness by using established affiliate marketing tactics. Most importantly, the aforementioned solutions drove both in-store sales and online transactions, which was integral to meeting the client’s revenue goals.

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