Acceleration Partners Vivid Vision

In 2016, inspired by two successful entrepreneurs, Brian Scudamore and Cameron Herold, we created our first Vivid Vision for Acceleration Partners. We called it Vivid Vision 2020–it was a narrative description of exactly what it would look and feel like to work at Acceleration Partners in 2020. It included business metrics such as revenue goals and number of employees, but also culture hallmarks such as building our Dream Program, writing the first book on our industry, expanding into five countries, and winning specific awards for our culture.

By the end of 2019, we had met or exceeded virtually all of the goals that we set out for ourselves in Vivid Vision 2020, and celebrated as a team at our annual AP Summit.

Our Next Step: Vivid Vision 2024

As we celebrated our wins late in 2019, we crafted and unveiled our Vivid Vision 2023, which painted the same detailed picture of what we expected to accomplish as a company by January 2023. As we all know, the world changed shortly thereafter. On a global level, the COVID-19 pandemic changed how everyone does business. Also, in December 2020, we partnered with Mountaingate Capital, giving us the capacity to rethink our strategy for both organic and inorganic growth.  

As a result, we decided to adjust our narrative. The result is our new Vivid Vision 2024, which we unveiled in June 2021 and represents our biggest and boldest projections yet for AP's future. Vivid Vision 2024 describes the WHAT and WHY of Acceleration Partners on January 1st, 2024. The HOW will be built by our world class team, future team members such as yourself, and our invaluable clients and partners. 

These pages are filled with ambitious goals and milestones, but we have the utmost confidence that this vision is what Acceleration Partners will be when 2024 arrives. The journey will be both challenging and rewarding, and we look forward to the successes, failures and learnings that we will experience as a team on our path to achieving this vision for AP.

-Robert Glazer (July 2021)  

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