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Acceleration Partners Vivid Vision

The following is a detailed overview of what our business will look like, feel like and operate like in three and a half years (January 1st 2020). I call it our “Vivid Vision.” The purpose of creating this vivid vision is to bring the future into the present so we can have clarity on the type of company we are building now.

By sharing it with our employees, partners and candidates, we’ll be able to bring our vision into reality.

Acceleration Partners (AP) has always been a thought leader and an innovator in the performance marketing world. As we look to the future, our company has the opportunity to serve an even greater role in our industry and on a global basis.

Because of our amazing team members, core values, operating principles and commitment to our goals, we are uniquely positioned to be the industry leader for years to come.

This document can be a bit overwhelming as it covers a lot of ground, including the roles our team members will play, our systems, culture, and growth goals. What is important to understand is that this vivid vision is the WHAT and WHY of Acceleration Partners three and a half years from now—in 2020. 

The part that is missing is the HOW. That’s what I need you all to figure out – both individually and collectively. The first time you read this, simply review it and start to digest the content.

The second time, I encourage you to highlight a sentence or two that you feel you can help with.

The third time, find another idea, sentence, etc. that hits home. Or, come back to it if you feel you need guidance around a decision. Month by month, the majority of this document will become a reality.

I couldn’t be more excited as we embark on this multi-year journey together. I look forward to all the successes, failures and learnings that we will experience as a team on our path to achieving ambitious goals and dreams for both AP and ourselves.  

— Bob   (September 1st, 2016) 

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