The Case Study

Dual Affiliate Programs Produce 49% Lead Conversion Rate

Acceleration Partners helped client (Client X) establish a second affiliate program focused on the "sell" side of their business; attract better affiliates to their existing affiliate program focused on the "buy" side of their business; and drive a lead conversion rate of 49%.


173% increase over lead generation goals

Launched"sell" oriented affiliate program

20%of total revenue driven by content affiliates

49%"sell" store lead conversion rate

The Challenge

Client X’s existing affiliate program was purely focused on addressing the “buy” component of the business model. This program not only failed to address the “sell” aspect of the business, but it also had several other shortcomings, including a lack of dedicated resources and in-house expertise, and was plagued by fraudulent behavior. The affiliate program was centered around encouraging consumers to purchase gently used products that were in good condition. However, it did not attract consumers interested in selling their used products to Client X.

After providing Client X with a free program analysis, Acceleration Partners outlined the following objectives to enable the client to enhance the effectiveness of the affiliate channel and eliminate fraud:


  • Put a stop to trademark bidding fraud
  • Create a "sell" affiliate program
  • Expand and diversify affiliate partnerships
  • Switch to an affiliate network that better aligns with goals
  • Leverage AP's guidance in overseeing a dual-store program
Our Approach

Focused Solutions

Acceleration Partners’ first priority was to establish an effective communication platform to disseminate important information to existing affiliates. AP also informed top affiliates that Client X was disbanding its current network and intended to launch a new one. Only the most valuable affiliates were invited to join Client X’s program on the new network.

Acceleration Partners identified those affiliates engaging in fraudulent practices and those not adding value to Client X's program. These affiliates were red flagged to ensure they did not receive an invite to the new network.

Several outreach campaigns informed affiliates about the sell focused program. The campaigns explained the commission model and other key program tenets to clearly demonstrate the benefits of participating in this unique opportunity.

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