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Cracking the Mobile Customer Code: Strategies to Boost Your Bottom Line

After a decade of hearing about “the rise of mobile,” it’s safe to say we are finally here. In Q4 2022, the mobile channel exceeded expectations, driving over 50% of sales. Even on Cyber Monday, when consumers historically stick to desktops, mobile drove 43% of online sales on that day alone. Did you catch the Superbowl game? Most of the ads asked you to pull out your phone to complete an action.

Mobile is no longer an afterthought.

Whether you’re struggling to measure the effectiveness of your brand’s mobile app, unsure of how SMS fits into your affiliate strategy, or just curious about the questions business leaders from various organizations are asking, this webinar is for you.

Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Acceleration Partners’ Parker Moss, Senior Manager of Strategy & Insights; Button’s Gabriella Porrino, VP of Partner Success; and ROI Revolution’s Joe Del Vecchio, Digital Advisor, to learn about:

  • Challenges business leaders face when optimizing for mobile experiences and how to overcome them
  • Tips on how to center the mobile user and why you should
  • How to prioritize mobile when budgets continue getting tighter
  • Consumer trends around mobile and what we expect to see in the future