The Case Study

How Strategic Recruitment Generated Over 6,600 New Content Affiliates For Retailer


One of Acceleration Partners' top clients challenged us with recruiting 6,600 new high-quality content affiliates for their program in a very short time-frame. Not only did the AP team accomplish this goal, they beat it and helped the retailer increase their affiliate join rate by 127 percent over a five month period.


Hitting Our Target

50% increase in monthly recruitent joins.

1,000 new content affliates joined.

6,600 new content affliates joining total.

45% YOY increase in new affiliate joins, with a 127% increase in 5 months.

The Challenge

Our Obstacles

The first obstacle AP's team needed to address was finding a scalable approach to recruiting 6,600 new content affiliates into the program. The second was finding ways around the unpredictable situations that emerged along the way.

"With this kind of massive recruitment effort, obstacles were to be expected. However, some of the roadblocks that our team encountered couldn't have been anticipated and slowed progress on multiple occasions," said Kelly Ground, Senior Account Manager at Acceleration Partners.

"For example, we needed to leverage multiple third party technology platforms to find quality content affiliates and engage with them. When these technology platforms weren't working at their full capacity – or broke down altogether – we had to scramble to ensure it didn't derail our outreach and recruitment efforts. So it was a constant push and pull between maintaining momentum, tapping in to new resources and staying agile when our best laid plans didn't work out."

Our Approach

Segmenting Solutions

To solve for this issue, the team strategized on various scalable tactics and brainstormed about what one-on-one outreach and out-of-the-box tactics could be leveraged to drive conversions across a variety of content sites.

"It was critical for us to execute a combination of mass outreach and one-on-one personalized communications to support the recruitment of long-tail publishers. While incredibly time-consuming, we knew it would be essential for reaching them," said Michno.

  • Cross-recruitment with existing affiliates
  • Mass recruitment via email platforms
  • Remarketing
  • Working with lead generation partners


  • Investigating affiliate forums
  • Leveraging affiliate network partners to reach content sites in key categories
  • Posting on content discovery platforms
  • Facebook ads
  • Conducting affiliate referral campaigns
  • Various recruitment tools
  • Posting the opportunity on social platforms and networks
  • Working with our sister company, BrandCycle to promote a join incentive in their blogger newsletter



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