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NURX Migrates Affiliate Program to impact.com, Reaches 154% of New Order Goal

When NURX, a personalized healthcare company, needed to switch their affiliate program to a cost-per-click payout model, they realized they also needed to migrate to an affiliate technology that could handle the technical and strategic needs of their more sophisticated affiliate program. Acceleration Partners brought expert insight and oversaw the affiliate technology transition, facilitating the smooth migration of existing and new affiliate partners onto the platform, and helping NURX realize massive program results in the first month.



of order-driving partners migrated in one week


of new orders goal reached in first month


CPC payout based on the partner level


Acting upon Acceleration Partners’ recommendation, NURX migrated their affiliate program to impact.com. This transition allowed for more strategic commissioning and the ability to put in protections such as daily click caps, which are key for keeping the CPC program within budget as they scale and test new opportunities.

By using impact.com’s enhanced partner discovery tool, Acceleration Partners established relationships with new partners across the traditional affiliate and content affiliate categories.

Acceleration Partners was also able to smoothly transition NURX’s existing affiliates, as well as recruit new partners into the program. The team implemented a transition plan with outreach efforts in place to ensure there would not be a significant drop in performance.

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