The Case Study

Content Partnership with The Independent Drives High-Value Customers for Noom

Noom is a global health and fitness company providing an award-winning weight-loss program. Noom's program is designed to help customers not only lose weight but also build healthy habits and make a lifestyle change via bespoke packages – it's a "Bootcamp for your mind".

Noom's mission is to help people everywhere lead healthier lives through behavior change.

The following goals were set for the affiliate channel:

  • Grow brand awareness of Noom in the UK
  • Increase customer acquisition

267% increase in sign-ups

After launching the campaign, Noom has realized a significant increase in brand awareness and customer acquisition in the UK, with sign-ups driven via the affiliate channel up 267% year-over-year from January-May 2021.

Since joining the Noom affiliate program, The Independent became a top 3 partner in the client's program and surpassed volume expectations for leads, driving over 17,000 clicks and 2.6k+ sign-ups since the start of 2021.

Thanks to the successful campaign results, the partnership with The Independent continues to grow, and Noom is now working with The Independent and The Evening Standard. The two content sites are top partners for Noom and have driven 18% of overall sign-ups for the UK program in H1 of 2021.

The Challenge

Noom already had strong brand awareness in the U.S., but lower awareness in newer markets, including the UK.

They wanted to raise awareness of their unique product in the UK to their core target audience and differentiate themselves from other health and fitness brands in the market.

Our Approach

Targeted Partner Strategy

Acceleration Partners devised an upper-funnel strategy that focused on increasing brand awareness and customer acquisition via content partners.

The team approached select content partners who had a large UK audience and whose audience matched Noom's target demographic. The Independent provided a strong demographic match for Noom's target audience and had an engaged audience interested in health and fitness products. Thanks to existing relationships, Acceleration Partners was able to negotiate exposure with The Independent on a hybrid payment model.

To keep content fresh and drive new customers, the team wanted to ensure The Independent had access to a range of promotional assets. Noom provided The Independent with branded content and creative via their partner hub. The hub gives access to imagery, campaign content, testimonials, product information, content guidelines and more.

The partner shared bespoke articles and supported promotion with native traffic drivers, social promotion and newsletter features.

Acceleration Partners worked closely with The Independent to understand performance drivers, implementing learnings into future campaigns, creating a successful long-term partnership.

The great year over year growth that we've seen with our UK affiliate programme would not have been possible without our account team at Acceleration Partners. They have provided us with high-touch account management, smart strategic guidance, and forward-thinking recommendations and tactics to enable us to continue to build our programme. Acceleration Partners has helped us uncover strong new affiliates and build lasting partner relationships, and because of this, we're looking forward to a long, prosperous relationship with AP!

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