December 9th 2022


Launching and managing a successful partnership marketing program is no easy feat. Staying on top of affiliate and influencer trends, understanding which strategies to test, and figuring out which partners best fit your program is more than a full-time job. It's also true that entering new markets gets easier each year as technologies evolve and adapt with the global consumer in mind.

While it's true that entering new markets is in some ways getting easier with technologies continuing to evolve with the global consumer in mind, keep in mind expanding an affiliate program isn't as simple as a quick copy and paste into a new country. To be set up for success and align with best-in-class technology and service providers with proven track records, then you must have boots on the ground in your target regions who know what it means to be successful in each region.

Helen Southgate, Chief Global Officer at Acceleration Partners, and Jessica Brown, Awin's Agency Partner, discuss trends and considerations they are seeing with clients interested in expanding to new global markets.


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