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Profile of a Growth Marketer: Kirsten Henning, Legacybox

Profile of a Growth Marketer is an ongoing series where we feature partner marketing industry leaders from around the globe.

We sat down with Kirsten Henning, Director of E-Commerce at Legacybox, to learn more about what she finds most rewarding working for Legacybox, some challenges in the e-commerce landscape as we approach an era of increased data privacy and how the affiliate model has added value to Legacybox’s marketing channel.


What is your role at Legacybox?

I’m the Director of E-Commerce at Legacybox.


What is a typical weekday like?

A typical weekday for me includes tracking and forecasting sales, creating and/or pivoting marketing campaigns based on current trends, collaborating with my team of digital marketers on current and upcoming promotions and planning and executing onsite A/B tests.

While there are always a handful of special projects being worked on, my main focus is continuing to grow the online business and managing a team of marketers who are the primary engine for driving our sales.


What do you find most rewarding about working at Legacybox?

The product and service itself is so meaningful. It’s fulfilling to work for a company that helps people rediscover their long-lost memories or see tapes of family members they never had the pleasure of meeting. I love reading our reviews and hearing people’s stories. It’s heartwarming to learn how our customers reconnect with their history and learn more about their roots.

I truly feel inspired each day to continue building awareness about this amazing brand, because I think it’s a service a lot of people don’t realize they’re missing out on. Everyone has old photos or aging home movies that are just waiting to be rediscovered. At Legacybox, we can help you uncover those lost memories and relive some of life’s most precious moments.


What do you think are some of the biggest challenges in e-commerce marketing today?

There are so many marketing channels that have the potential to drive scale that the challenge is learning what marketing mix is right for achieving sustainable growth. Over the years, our marketing mix has gone through many changes, and it will continue to do so because the digital landscape is constantly evolving.

I think this, combined with increasing concerns around privacy and data sharing, are the biggest challenges we face today. As data concerns become more prevalent on digital marketing platforms and we know less and less about the users that are seeing our ads, we’ll have to get more creative about how to tell our story and educate potential customers about our product from the first-touch point, all the way to the point of conversion.


From your experience, how has the affiliate marketing model added value to Legacybox?

The biggest hesitation to using our service is that people are afraid to part with their priceless and irreplaceable collections of family photos, home videos, audio cassettes and film reels. It’s scary to send these items off to be digitized, and we realize that. Affiliate marketing has helped us address these concerns through thoughtful content partnerships that walk potential customers through the user experience and provide guidance on the process with relatable and authentic insight about our service.

It’s been a valuable channel to reach new customers and educate them not only about how the service works or how simple it is, but also about the importance of digitizing. Your home videos and family photos have a shelf life, and they deteriorate over time. The service Legacybox offers is invaluable for preserving those precious memories for years to come. And we rely on strong content partners, who are able to reach our target audience, to help us tell that story and drive both awareness and conversions.


What has surprised you most about the affiliate marketing model?

The potential for scale! If you’re working with the right partners and you’re strategic about who joins your program, affiliate marketing is an effective method for driving top-of-funnel growth and nurturing leads into customers.


What are some advantages to working with Acceleration Partners?

The team at Acceleration Partners is truly dedicated to our success. Their strategic insight and recommendations are always tailored to meet the needs of our business and attain our goals.

They’ve also proven that they have strong relationships within the affiliate marketing space and they’re able to negotiate on our behalf, as well as foster relationships with key partners. We truly value the knowledge they bring to the program and appreciate their hands-on approach.


About Legacybox

Legacybox, the largest photo and video to digital conversion company in the world, uses the experience of the past, with the technology of today, to make it easy and safe to preserve and share beloved recorded moments for generations to come. Legacybox has been a leader in converting film tapes to digital and making photos digital for over 10 years and has been trusted by over 1 million families across America.


You can learn more about Legacybox’s affiliate program here: https://partners.accelerationpartners.com/affiliate-programs/legacybox/

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