The Case Study

Raising Brand Awareness Through Affiliate Marketing

The Opportunity

In an effort to reframe how people perceive and experience fitness, a leading fitness brand's campaign became a clarion call to embrace physicality in a hi-tech world.


The campaign demonstrated that the leading fitness brand's affiliate marketing program can be a powerful component of a fully-integrated branding campaign.


Increase in clicks month-over-month 


Increase in orders


Increase in clicks year-over-year


Gross sales

The Challenge

Amplifying the Campaign

The challenge for Acceleration Partners was to amplify the campaign reach through the brand's affiliate marketing program following the campaign launch in a Super Bowl commercial on February 1st.

Our Approach

Strategy & Approach

With a focus on branding over sales, the Acceleration Partners team partnered with the company to provide additional exposure for the campaign in February through various affiliate engagement strategies.

Selected affiliates for product reviews that incorporated the campaign language.

Implemented VIP placements on high-volume coupon and discount websites.

Identified affiliates to host giveaways that encouraged their audiences to engage with the campaign for an opportunity to win a gift card. For example, one giveaway asked each entrant to post of a photo of him or her trying a new fitness activity.

Secured a number of content placements with select affiliates, including homepage banners, email newsletters, sponsored posts and social media mentions.

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