Build a Diversified Partnership Marketing Programme as Unique as Your Brand

Acceleration Partners specialises in helping brands scale and finding innovative solutions to accelerate their performance. We focus on collaborating and consulting with you to meet your needs in each customised campaign.

On average, we maintain a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 62.2, which is above the industry average*.

Our deep expertise in global markets allows us to help you expand an existing global programme or launch in new regions. We offer services including strategic consulting for programme design, partner recruitment and onboarding, and fully integrated programme management at the country, regional, or global level. What’s more, our flexible infrastructure (powered by APVision) will provide the key insights needed effectively reach new goals.


*Current as of February 2023, updated yearly.

Full Programme Management

As a six-time winner of the GPMA “Best Affiliate and Partner Marketing Agency” category, we have a track record of driving exceptional outcomes for top brands through affiliate programme management. Our client services team is known for a high touch, consultative approach, creating a unique partnership and going deep to understand your brand and the right strategies to drive success.

Partner Recruitment

Our unique in-house Publisher Development team actively recruits and nurtures relationships with traditional, non-traditional, and creative partners to enable sustainable growth for your brand. We provide brands with the resources, support, guidance, and expertise required to effectively initiate, manage, and optimise more complex, sophisticated performance-based partnerships.

Global/Regional Management

Acceleration Partners has deep expertise in markets around the world. We maintain hubs on three continents with employees – fluent in a collective 20 languages – based in nine countries. As a six-time winner of the GPMA “Best Affiliate and Partner Marketing Agency” category, Acceleration Partners has a track record of driving exceptional outcomes for global brands.

Partnership Optimisation

Beyond recruitment, partnership optimisation is vital to the success of your programme. Optimising your partners can help to elevate your programme, strengthen partner relationships, and enable you to realise a higher return on your marketing spend. Our experienced team recognises that each partner is unique, tailoring strategies to benefit your brand and build strong partner relationships.

Data & Analysis

Our client services teams are top notch, recognised for industry expertise and data-driven recommendations. Regular programme and campaign evaluations help them to identify what is working well, where improvements can be made, and areas of opportunity. With Acceleration Partners, you can expect better performance from a programme designed to keep pace with your company’s growth.


Our deep, data-driven approach is powered by our proprietary technology, APVision. This robust platform combines data from thousands of publishers across multiple partner networks and platforms.

Programme Design

Whether you are looking to grow an existing partnership marketing programme or to build a new programme, our team of seasoned marketers and industry experts will design a custom affiliate programme strategy to align with your brand and help you achieve your goals.

Compliance & Fraud Monitoring

When it comes to partnership marketing – particularly within affiliate marketing – the term “fraud” encompasses anything that violates your partnership terms and conditions, including any unethical or unscrupulous behaviour by your partners. Our account teams ensure that you have a robust plan in place to monitor and prevent fraud and non-compliance.

AP Influence: Influencer Partnership Marketing

AP Influence, Acceleration Partners’ fully integrated and transparent influencer programme management service, addresses every facet of influencer partnership marketing. Our team strategically acquires influencer partners for your brand to help you target the right audiences and generate quality leads, revenue, and much more.

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