Whether you're looking to build, grow, refine, or geographically expand your brand's partnership marketing program, Acceleration Partners can help you create genuine partnerships that drive exceptional results. Our team of seasoned marketers and industry experts will design a custom program strategy to align with your brand and help you achieve your goals. 

From the beginning, our team will take a high-touch consultative approach to program management. You can expect them to go deep to understand your brand and goals, work to design your program, and develop strategies to best drive success.

Your program design is unique to your brand, developed from deep and data-driven expertise to include the right mix of partnership marketing tactics for your organization, including affiliate, influencer, content, mass media, and B2B partner marketing.


For brands without an existing program, our experienced team will help you design and launch a partnership marketing program and strategy aligned with your organizational goals. They will:

  • Guide you through the technology platform selection process from an educated, agnostic perspective
  • Research, recommend, and recruit a synergistic, diversified mix of partners that will best align with your brand, commission structures, KPIs, and growth goals 
  • Structure program terms and conditions for partners, educate partners how to best work with your brand, and implement compliance and fraud monitoring processes  
  • Provide regular performance updates and recommend new program, partner, or campaign strategies to help you drive growth 

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Blenders Launches Incremental Affiliate Program, Drives 4059% ROAS

Learn how Acceleration Partners helped Blenders launch an affiliate program to expand their target audience and drive new customers in a way that could be measured incrementally.


After launching and running Blenders' affiliate program for a little over two years, Acceleration Partners has helped them exceed their yearly goals and stretch targets. The team has also been able to deliver several measurable incremental outcomes for Blenders. Thanks to the strategic recommendations of the Acceleration Partners team and the success of the program, the affiliate channel now makes up over 9% of the Blenders' internal e-commerce revenue.

94% YoY affiliate revenue growth in 2021

473 partners across a variety of verticals

4059% ROAS

$1.66 CPA

56% total revenue from new customer orders