Our goal is to help you design a custom program strategy that aligns with your brand and helps you achieve your goals. At Acceleration Partners, we can help you build, grow, refine, or expand your partnership marketing program using three key approaches:

  • We take a high-touch consultative approach to program management
  • Our team will go deep to understand the brand and goals
  • We will design your program by developing strategies to drive success

These approaches enable us to find the right mix of marketing tactics that can include affiliates, influencers, content, mass media, and B2B partnership marketing. We believe every program should be unique to your brand with data-driven expertise to achieve the best results.


Acceleration Partners can help you design and launch a new partnership marketing program that aligns with your goals. We will:

  • Guide you through the technology platform selection process from an educated, agnostic perspective
  • Research, recommend, and recruit a synergistic, diversified mix of partners that will best align with your brand, commission structures, KPIs, and growth goals 
  • Structure program terms and conditions for partners, educate partners how to best work with your brand, and implement compliance and fraud monitoring processes  
  • Provide regular performance updates and recommend new program, partner, or campaign strategies to help you drive growth 

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Blenders Achieves Exceptional 4059% ROAS via New Affiliate Program

Learn how Acceleration Partners worked with Blenders to launch a new affiliate program, carefully recruit partners aligned with the DTC brand, and ensure incremental sales.


Thanks to the strategic recommendations of the Acceleration Partners team and the success of the program, the affiliate channel now makes up over 9% of the Blenders' internal e-commerce revenue.

4059% ROAS

94%year-over-year affiliate revenue growth in 2021


56%total revenue generated from new customers