The Case Study

Blenders Launches Incremental Affiliate Program, Drives 4059% ROAS

Blenders Eyewear strives to deliver the world's coolest and most affordable eyewear to inspire people to live life in forward motion.

Their objectives:

  • Build a successful, new affiliate program from the ground-up.
  • Test the affiliate program with the traditional affiliate partnership structure.
  • Drive incremental sales via the affiliate channel.

After launching and running Blenders' affiliate program for a little over two years, Acceleration Partners has helped them exceed their yearly goals and stretch targets. The team has also been able to deliver several measurable incremental outcomes for Blenders. Thanks to the strategic recommendations of the Acceleration Partners team and the success of the program, the affiliate channel now makes up over 9% of the Blenders' internal e-commerce revenue.

94% YoY affiliate revenue growth in 2021

473 partners across a variety of verticals

4059% ROAS

$1.66 CPA

56% total revenue from new customer orders

The Challenge

Before coming to Acceleration Partners, the direct-to-consumer brand didn't have an affiliate program, but they had established brand awareness with a niche audience which they wanted to grow. They wanted to launch an affiliate program to expand their target audience and drive new customers in a way that could be measured incrementally.

Our Approach

Strategic Program Recommendations and Partnerships

Acceleration Partners worked with Blenders to carefully screen and accept partners that were aligned with the direct-to-consumer's brand, while also structuring the affiliate partnerships in a way that ensured incrementality as it related to driving new customers.

To help Blenders reach their specific goals, Acceleration Partners focused on building a solid affiliate program foundation, testing and growing the program to keep pace with the brand's overall growth, and implementing strategic refinements—all while keeping incrementality as the main focus.



The first step of the process was to build a strong affiliate program for Blenders using a mix of partner types across the contentcoupon and loyalty business models. A competitive commission structure was implemented at the beginning to attract a wide range a high-potential partners. Following a successful launch, Acceleration Partners strategically updated the program to a commission model that maintained a competitive edge, but also better supported Blenders' incrementality goals of driving new customer orders.

A big concern of Blenders was coupon partners hijacking sales credit from content partners—Blenders wanted to make sure their coupon partners couldn't swoop in at the last second and get rewarded for a sale that was not technically driven by them. Acceleration Partners set up a specific type of tracking within the affiliate network to prevent this attribution hijacking from happening. The tracking made sure that if both content and coupon affiliates were found in the clickstream, then the content partner would be prioritized over the coupon partner.

Another commission rule Acceleration Partners set up for Blenders through their affiliate network was coupon code approval. Blenders has a separate ambassador program that also uses coupon codes, and it is important those codes never mix with the codes used by coupon affiliates, otherwise partners could get paid twice. Acceleration Partners was able to set up tracking that made sure any code that came through the affiliate network within a sale was one of the approved codes—if it wasn't, the commission would automatically set to zero and the partner was notified.


As a brand, Blenders has expanded their product offering over the years. Acceleration Partners supported exposure of new collection launches by relentlessly focusing on recruitment and optimization for Blenders. The Acceleration Partners team also continued to do rigorous coupon audits on a weekly basis to make certain the coupon partner pages were using approved codes.


Acceleration Partners continued to audit, optimize and refine the Blenders affiliate program for success. After the first year, it was decided to strategically adjust the commission rates and rules to reward affiliates for driving new customer sales, so as to better meet Blenders' incrementality goals. Acceleration Partners collaborated with Blenders to recommend a creative solution. For content partners, a higher commission was offered for a new customer order over a returning customer order, which the team was able to set up tracking for within the affiliate network.

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