The Case Study

Blenders Achieves Exceptional 4059% ROAS via New Affiliate Program

Blenders Eyewear strives to deliver the world's coolest and most affordable eyewear to inspire people to live life in forward motion. In order to grow their niche audience, they decided to launch an affiliate program with Acceleration Partners to expand their customer base and drive incremental sales.

Learn how Acceleration Partners worked with Blenders to launch a new affiliate program, carefully recruit partners aligned with the DTC brand, and ensure incremental sales.


Thanks to the strategic recommendations of the Acceleration Partners team and the success of the program, the affiliate channel now makes up over 9% of the Blenders' internal e-commerce revenue.

4059% ROAS

94%year-over-year affiliate revenue growth in 2021


56%total revenue generated from new customers

The Challenge

Blenders has an effective direct-to-consumer sales model, however, they did not have an affiliate program when they contacted Acceleration Partners. Blenders leadership was concerned that this gap in their marketing strategy might
negatively impact the company’s long-term growth potential. Blenders had developed strong brand awareness within their niched audience and was interested in growing their overall reach via an affiliate program. Blenders selected Acceleration Partners to launch a new affiliate program, grow and refine the program via a standard partnership model, and drive incremental sales through the affiliate channel.

Our Approach

Strategic Program Recommendations and Partnerships

Acceleration Partners worked closely with Blenders’ marketing staff to identify partners whose business models aligned with the needs of a direct-to-consumer brand. Each partnership was structured in a manner that facilitated an incremental driving of new consumers.

In order to optimize the affiliate program, Acceleration Partners leveraged several different partner types. This included loyalty, coupon, and content affiliates. Additionally, Acceleration Partners incorporated a highly competitive commission structure into the affiliate program to draw in top prospects.

Acceleration Partners also addressed one of Blenders leadership’s key concerns, which was contribution hijacking. Acceleration Partners safeguarded the program against this issue by implementing a unique tracking protocol within the affiliate network. This tactic ensured that content partners received sales credit instead of the coupon partner when both were involved in the transaction.

Cumulatively, Acceleration Partners’ efforts allowed Blenders to deploy a highly effective affiliate program, which has now outpaced expectations for two consecutive years.

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