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Publisher Spotlight: UpSellit

Acceleration Partners’ Publisher Spotlight is an ongoing series where members of our Publisher Development team shine a light on innovative publishers from across the world.This month, we chatted with with Richard Greenwell, Commercial Director, Europe and Asia at UpSellit.


Can you tell us about your new role and your background in performance marketing?

Thank you. I’ve been involved in the affiliate space for nearly 13 years now. I started out in gaming before moving to the network side with AWIN. I worked across the Sky brands for a few years and spent some time in the DACH region at what was then the Zanox office. I came back to London and joined affilinet working on the Publisher side before taking over Operations, eventually working on the merger between the two companies.My new role involves expanding UpSellit into the EMEA region. Our presence has been very much US focused; however, we do have some existing clients here in Europe. It will be my role to bring on new business and build the company out here with the support of our team in LA. We have amazing solutions we believe businesses will feel very excited and eager to try.


Can you introduce UpSellit? What’s the story behind it?

In 2005, UpSellit’S CEO, Chris Wampler, developed one of the first live chat simulation engines. Over the last 14 years, UpSellit has developed a powerful suite of e-commerce conversion optimization solutions. We are a bootstrapped company that has grown consistently over time without any VC funding. Our management team has been together since 2009 and has been at the forefront of its growth in the US. We work with some of the largest brands in the U.S., such as Samsung and KitchenAid. After 14 years of success in North America, we are fully launching in Europe with our base being in London.Our suite of solutions includes lead capture, email remarketing, targeted tactics, SMS marketing, and live chat. We work on a performance (CPA) model and have no integration fees or contracts.


How is UpSellit different than a traditional affiliate partner? Can you tell us more about what makes your technology unique?

Operating on a 100% performance-based pricing model, UpSellit only charges advertisers for the purchases their technology actually converts. With its in-house creative and development teams, UpSellit easily aligns with the brand identity of its clients while seamlessly integrating its technologies at targeted stages of the conversion funnel.UpSellit’s Control Groups are one of the most exciting features we offer, as they are extremely data-driven. Control Groups are random segments of traffic that are not eligible for UpSellit’s solutions. They provide an accurate comparison of how UpSellit’s strategies are affecting conversion rates, average order values, and customer lifetime value. They also provide a great side-by-side comparison of a site with and without our solutions. In short, Control Groups effectively measure the impact UpSellit’s solutions have while leaving the parameters and controls within the hands of our clients.


How does UpSellit differentiate itself from competitors in the affiliate space?

There are two key differences between UpSellit and other publishers: UpSellit’s technology and its dedication to results. A lot of the time, when comparing publishers, the technology and solutions can look the same from one to the next, but those are just the graphics. While we’re proud of the incredible work our talented design team produces, it’s the technology behind our solutions that produces such incredible results.


Do advertisers need anything specific to work with UpSellit? What are the benefits for advertisers working with you?

Advertisers don’t need anything out of the ordinary in order for us to go live. We can integrate with any of the leading tag management solutions with a simple piece of Javascript. Once our tag is on the site, we can begin delivering campaigns that will increase conversion rates and boost sales. Each of UpSellit’s designs and solutions are customised for a brand’s site design, their shoppers’ browsing behaviors, and purchase patterns, ultimately aligning perfectly with their customer journey.


Can you walk us through how setting up a partnership with UpSellit would work from an advertiser standpoint?

While some of our initial processes, such as an intro calls, demos, and tag implementations are standard, we don’t have a ‘typical’ process when working with our clients. Each UpSellIt advertiser receives their own unique, tactful strategies, solutions, and technologies built specifically for their websites and customer journeys. Since each of the designs, launch methods, and technologies are custom-built, we adjust our processes to match.


What are your thoughts on AI and its role in the affiliate and performance marketing industry?

When used correctly and without cannibalizing sales of other existing partners, AI can be a fantastic addition to any online marketers’ digital strategy.The stigma that discounts need to be used in order for AI to work is we steer ourselves away from. Our technology allows us to increase conversion rates, sales, and AOV without relying on heavy discounting. While there are cases when discounts are helpful in a strategy, we are confident in finding other means of engaging customers.


Do you have any upcoming launches or exciting news you would like to share with our readers?

Well, our launch into the EMEA market is a huge step for us after years of success in North America. We will have a stand at PI Live in London for the first time and are looking forward to meeting some of the biggest brands in the market. The UK has been at the forefront of the performance marketing industry for some time now, and we are looking forward to being a part of that.

We are constantly working hard, not only to expand our suite of solutions, but to also offer unique ways for our advertisers to get more value out of every visitor. After doing some research, UpSellit found in-app browsing abandonment rates to be extremely high (upwards of 90%), so our team created a way for online retailers to resolve these abandonment issues. UpSellit’s new Social Browsing Optimisations will not only combat site abandonment but provide online retailers with new opportunities to personalize engagements and cater to the diversity of their traffic.


Check out this case study to learn how Upsellit helped a luxury retailer realize a 10% increase in their overall revenue.

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Author: Acceleration Partners