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How to Fix the Friction Caused by Affiliate Marketing Misconceptions

The OutPerform Podcast

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“Most quarrels amplify a misunderstanding.” – ¬†Andre Gide

Kari Kallhoff is an account manager at Acceleration Partners (AP) and works on the affiliate program for one of AP’s largest global clients.

Having worked in the affiliate marketing industry for over six years, Kari has helped a variety of clients in diverse verticals. She’s also seen first-hand the internal friction that can arise within companies between their internal affiliate program team and other internal digital marketing teams.

This friction has always confounded her; she understands better than most just how valuable affiliate marketing can be to the entire digital marketing mix as well as how much more performance can be realized when affiliate and all digital marketing initiatives work harmoniously together.

But getting others to grasp this requires both education, perspective and patience.

Kari joined us on Outperform to shed light on this, explain why discord between internal team member and stakeholders tends to arise and offer useful recommendations for how to resolve it.

Show Notes

  • Kari’s perspectives on why internal friction exist within companies between their affiliate team and other digital marketing teams.
  • Common misconceptions about affiliate marketing.
  • What can be done to help alleviate this friction and better educate colleagues on the value affiliate marketing can offer their channels.
  • Key elements that should be included in educational presentations and why they are an important part of the discussion.
  • Who should provide this information/education to companies’ internal stakeholders.
  • Specific examples of how the affiliate model can be used to support other initiatives within the organization.



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