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Have you Heard About Registry Partners in Affiliate Marketing?

Have you ever been invited to a wedding or baby shower where the invite included information about where the happy couple or parents-to-be were registered for gift ideas? These helpful lists are actually part of a unique type of affiliate—and they can be used to enhance and diversify your brand’s affiliate program.


Brands That Would Find Registry Affiliates as a Good Fit for Their Programs

Some of the best-performing advertisers that partner with registry affiliates are big box stores, and brands focused on home or kid/baby products. The big box stores have a large selection of items across many different categories and make it easy for users to create a registry online.

Registry spans weddings, babies and other significant life events such as birthdays, buying a new home and graduations. There are many opportunities for brands to perform well within the registry sector, they just need to find the right partner for their target demographic.


What are Registry Affiliates?

Registry affiliates make it possible for brands to add their products to online wish lists created for weddings, birthdays, baby showers and other life events, with products selected by the registrant from a variety of brands.

These affiliates give advertisers—who might not have a formal registry—the ability to have their products included in online registries for people celebrating life events.


How Brands are Partnering with Registry Affiliates

One particularly large retailer has become one of the top-performing brands across our largest registry partners because they run the gambit of offering items across several different types of registries, making them a strong partner for registry affiliates. Brands with products in the mattress, bedding, home décor, and baby clothing and accessories also see excellent traction with these partners.

This past year, COVID-19 took a severe hit on the wedding industry, so we didn’t see many optimizations for these partners. Many couples were postponing or downsizing their weddings, virtual baby showers, graduations and more. However, once stimulus checks started to circulate, we began to see an uptick in spending again. Now that more people are also becoming vaccinated, we will see that spend continue to rise.


Benefits of Working with Registry Affiliates

There are several benefits for brands when it comes to partnering with registry affiliates. Shoppers that use affiliate registries are high intent, meaning they’re already committed to making a specific purchase and they’re not typically discount-focused. Conversion rates and average order value are also often higher.

Registry sites are a great partner for brand exposure. Not only are the creators of the registries getting to include your brand in the items they would like to receive, but their friends and family making those purchases get to explore a whole new array of products and brands.

Online registries have revolutionized the game, making it easier than ever for users to choose items they want. Many sites also offer tips and how-to guides for event planning and help planners create a website for users that has all their information about their event in one place to make it easier for guests. These registry partners also create content, share reviews and build an online community where event attendees can come to get all the information they need, whether they are the planner or the guest.


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