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FinTech App Adds Hundreds of New Users By Going Live

The client is a financial technology company whose target audience primarily includes millennials. The company’s flagship product is a mobile app that rewards users for making purchases. The mobile app provides cash rewards, making it extremely popular among the target demographic.

The company is also an affiliate that promotes several brands in their marketplaces. One of their most valuable affiliate partners is Givling, a crowdfunding app that helps people pay off student loans. Affiliate programme activities provide the financial technology company with an additional revenue stream.

The client partnered with Acceleration Partners to acquire new users and increase brand awareness. Acceleration Partners took advantage of Facebook Live to host a 48-hour live stream collaboration session.



new app users linked their credit card




winners received 100k points from the client’s app




points awarded to new users via an invite code




In order to meet both objectives, Acceleration Partners proposed that the client host a 48-hour Facebook Live campaign with Givling. This unprecedented affiliate marketing tactic presented a prime opportunity for connecting with the client’s millennial audience, many of whom enjoy interacting with brands directly via social media.

During the campaign, a new user showed viewers how to sign up for and interact with the client’s mobile app. Givling generated buzz about the event among its subscribers by agreeing to announce a clue about a $10K winner at the end of the live stream. Givling began posting about the Facebook Live collaboration on its social media pages a few days before the event.

This campaign appealed to the client because it required zero out-of-pocket investment. They simply had to provide Givling with an exclusive offer so that the affiliate could promote the event.



The event exceeded expectations and encouraged hundreds of new users to link their credit cards to the app. In addition, the collaboration increased brand awareness and provided positive press for both Givling and the client.



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