What Clients Are Saying About Us

“Acceleration Partners’ operational program expertise and established relationships with platform partners and affiliates, gives us the manpower and resources to properly manage and grow our affiliate program. They consistently help us review the latest trends, technologies and best practices and develop new strategies and tactics that boost results.”
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"Acceleration Partners is an impressive team. They deliver on their promises and are stand out performers in the digital marketing sector."
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Boll & Branch
"Our Acceleration Partners team has been great! They are very forward-thinking and always present new ideas and strategic recommendations."
"We’ve worked with AP for years. They are always super helpful and efficient in their responses to our many questions and are just a great team to work with."
“I love that we never have to ask our AP team for ways to improve our campaign. They are always prepared with news tactics and set the bar high when dealing with our other partners.”
“The AP team managing our account is great! I am new to the world of affiliate marketing, and our team at AP has never been anything less than patient and thorough when answering questions and explaining why they've chosen certain strategies over others. Our program under their tutelage is exceeding projections in most cases by well over 100%, and that kind of success is never a bad thing.”
“We are so moved and taken aback by how committed our Acceleration Partners team has been to our program. Their devotion and proactive hustle has not wavered and we could not be more grateful to work with this exceptional team.”
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“Acceleration Partners always delivers over and above my expectations. I highly recommend them to any company looking for high-value performance marketing services.”
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“The Acceleration Partners team has been great at communication and execution.”
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“The team at AP has done a tremendous job of moving our affiliate program from good to great. They continuously bring new opportunities to our attention and offer a degree of personalization unlike anything we’ve experienced.”
Kettle & Fire
“Awesome working with the Acceleration Partners team. Solid communication and strategy skills.”
LD Products
“The AP team has been great to work with! We’re so glad that the team was in place during our transition to Impact. They have proven to be invaluable during this period by helping to organize the entire process and make sure nothing has been left behind. We love being able to bounce ideas off of them and feel secure in knowing that they come to the table with their expertise in this industry.”
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Le Col
“The great results we have seen have been made possible by Acceleration Partners effective account management. In 2020 it has been crucial that we respond fast and the team at AP have activated partners efficiently and prioritised our recruitment to bring in high value partners quickly.”
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“We love working with our team at Acceleration Partners. They have been wonderful—they’re responsive, strategic and truly know their stuff.”
“Our Acceleration Partners team has been amazing to work with. They continuously deliver high value to our LinkedIn business and we look forward to growing our partnership with them.”
“We came in with little affiliate knowledge and have leaned on our Acceleration Partners team to help educate us as we work together to define our growth strategy. We have been very impressed with their ability to creatively source new HIGH-potential publishers in pursuit of our aggressive growth goals and their genuine interest in the success of our partnership. The service level is top-tier; We feel like they’re basically members of our marketing team.”
Next Big Idea Club
“We have been continually impressed with Acceleration Partners. Their thoroughness, attention to detail, organization and ability to expertly keep track of all of the moving pieces of a robust affiliate program has taken the weight off our shoulders. The AP team has been an incredible partner to our company.”
“We are very happy with our AP team. They have been a key part of helping us grow our affiliate program and are lovely to work with.”
Pura Vida
“Working with Acceleration Partners has allowed us to have a more strategic, data-driven and goal-oriented affiliate program.”
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Purple Carrot
“A lot of work goes into managing all of these affiliate partnerships and we appreciate all of the support Acceleration Partners provides!”
“The team at Acceleration Partners has shown an enormous amount of passion for our brand and mission. Our check-in meetings often turn into brainstorming sessions where we bounce off ideas for new opportunities. Our account managers have the experience relevant to our needs to reach new fans and customers while executing at lightning speed.”
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“Our partnership with Acceleration Partners has been unbelievably valuable. Through Acceleration Partners’ strategic recommendations and knowledge, the affiliate channel has become a high performing digital marketing channel for Reebok. We cannot say enough good things about everyone on the team.”
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Relief Factor
“Our Acceleration Partners team has provided excellent project and account management, as well as good management of affiliate opportunities. It’s been a great relationship all around.”
Scrubs & Beyond
“We’re really grateful for our partnership with Acceleration Partners as we navigate and continue to learn about the affiliate program.”
Stella & Dot
“The Acceleration Partners team is highly engaged and proactive; They couple strategic expertise with high-quality execution and they are always taking steps to drive more value from our digital channels.”
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“We continue to be extremely pleased with the support we’re getting from the entire Acceleration Partners team. They are all very competent, responsive, on point and pleasant to work with—it’s obvious they genuinely care about the health of our program top to bottom. We’re grateful to have their support.”
“As someone who has had the opportunity to work with AP on a number of digital marketing projects (SEO, affiliate marketing, paid social) across both venture backed start-ups and large brands, I feel in a unique position to speak to their expertise. AP is highly differentiated in the digital marketing agency ecosystem as they truly partner with companies to understand their needs, unique constraints, and opportunities. They work with companies to deliver profitable growth and flexibly align their incentives and economic structure to support that mindset.”
The Tot
“Acceleration Partners is a top-notch team. Not only do they provide expertise that delivers results, they are also nice to work with.”
“Acceleration Partners understands our business. They are patient, proactive and understanding partners and are always coming up with new ideas to scale our program.”
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Western Rise
"Western Rise was previously managing our affiliate program in-house and it was growing quickly. We quickly realized we did not have the bandwidth or the expertise to keep up. Since bringing on Acceleration Partners, our program has grown more than 400% in the first year, has exceeded all of our goals, and we have expanded our affiliate partners considerably. We could not be happier with how Acceleration Partners has helped Western Rise grow."