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La Blanca

La Blanca

For more than 40 years at la Blanca, we’ve been lifting women up through iconic style and exceptional fit. We believe that beauty is defined by strength, not size. That’s why we design swimwear that makes you feel not only comfortable in your own skin, but also deeply beautiful.

Unique Program Offerings

  • Weekly newsletters announcing new products
  • Seasonal creative to help promote the brand
  • Opportunities for exclusive offers and discounts

Program Basics



  • Hub Commission: 12% CPA for New Customers, 10% CPA for Return Customers
  • Cookies: 30 Days
  • Payout Model: CPA
  • Network ID: 19936
  • Data Feed: Yes
  • AOV: $190.00
  • Technology Network: Impact

  • Approved Partner Types: Content, Mass Media, Review Sites, Sub-Affiliate /Influencer Network
  • Verticals: Apparel & Accessories,
  • Consumer Location: United States
  • Nexus Restrictions: No

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