Health and wellness brands have soared in popularity over the past couple of years, especially as more people look for ways to incorporate healthy routines into their daily lives at home. What makes the partnership channel such a great fit for health and wellness brands is its strong storytelling and branding component—this element resonates with potential new consumers who are looking to start their health and wellness journey.

Acceleration Partners can provide your brand with high-touch account management, smart strategic guidance and forward-thinking recommendations and tactics to enable you to continue to build your program. We will also uncover strong new affiliates and build lasting partner relationships for your brand.

Regardless of how big or small your company is, your partnership program will always receive the careful, personalized support and innovation it needs to truly become scalable and attain the goals you've set for your brand.

Diversify Your Approach

Our team can help you diversify your marketing approach not only in how you are reaching the customer, but also when. This can lead to a new pipeline of high-quality customers for your brand to acquire. Diversifying your affiliate portfolio can also unlock new levels of growth for your brand.

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Fitness Brand Strengthens Partner Relationships, Boosting AOV 8% in Two Months

Learn how we helped this fitness brand creatively drive volume and strengthen partner relationships in our case study.


8% AOV increase for
incentivized partners

$273k+ revenue driven from
published articles in H1 2021

Top 5Buy Now, Pay Later is One of the Top 5 Revenue Drivers for Partners

569% incremental ROAS from
one coupon partner CPA increase