The Case Study

Renogy Strengthens Affiliate Partner Programme with New Affiliate Network

Renogy is a renewable energy company that supplies off-grid solar products for homes, businesses, recreational vehicles, boating and more.

Prior to becoming an Acceleration Partners' client, Renogy's content-only affiliate programme had begun to dip in performance. They wanted to correct that trend, and expand and diversify the types of affiliate partners in their programme. After careful consideration, Renogy determined that their best option was to migrate their affiliate partner programme to another technology platform that would better support their revenue goals and desired KPIs.




1356% increase in total revenue YoY for Q1

19% increase in average order value YoY for Q1

2.5month platform migration

The Challenge

To migrate to a new technology platform in a reasonable timeframe and without losing any revenue, Renogy needed expertise and guidance on transitioning their affiliate program from one affiliate technology platform to another.

Our Approach

Concurrent Platform Migration and Partner Outreach

Based on their ambitious revenue goals and guidance from Acceleration Partners' client success team, Renogy determined that ShareASale was the best technology option to accommodate their growing affiliate programme and the new types of affiliate partners they wanted to work with. Concurrently, to help quickly drive sales and conversion rates, the Acceleration Partners team recommended and engaged coupon and loyalty partners to the program.

Deployment of new platform tracking links and gradual removal of old tracking pixels while simultaneously cross-referencing payments to eliminate duplicate affiliate compensation

Comprehensive communication strategy to inform content partners of the transition and the platform benefits and positive impact on payment timing

Implementation of a bonus structure compensating partners who became sale active following the platform migration

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