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Employee Spotlight: Lindsey Scerba

How long have you been with Acceleration Partners and what is your current role?

I’ve been with Acceleration Partners for seven years. I’m currently the Director of Client Services Training.


What is a trend that you are currently seeing in the affiliate marketing industry?

As partners and merchants focus more on incrementality with the recent economic fluxes, negotiating opportunities are stronger than ever before.

Everyone is coming to the table more willing to find that 3rd and 4th solution to forge a partnership, which is making it a great time to test out opportunities that may have been out of reach previously due to pricing or brand limitations on either side.


Of AP’s three core values, which are you currently focusing on the most in either your professional or personal life?

Embracing Relationships has been a key focal point for me in 2020 both inside of work and out. With a brother in the service and with family far away, being able to maintain that connection, even if just virtually, for now, has been paramount.

Also, while many are facing their most challenging years professionally, I’ve placed a special focus on being that supporting arm wherever I can for my colleagues and team members. We are all in this together and will rise through this with our collective strength bigger and better than before.


What’s one aspect of your job that you truly love?

The People! I feel lucky to come to work and collaborate with some of the most talented and motivated individuals, who are constantly challenging me to continue elevating my knowledge and abilities. I get better every day both at my job and as a person thanks to them!


With so many people across the world now working from home, what is one piece of advice you would give to someone new to the remote workspace?

Take this opportunity to discover your ideal work preferences and take advantage of the flexibility it can give you. Need a designated space? Create that for yourself. Prefer to hop around? Great, make sure you have a few quiet places to do so. Focus better with a midday walk? Great! Add it to your calendar and make the time.

It is such a great opportunity to really own how you work and to find the ideal scenario for you.


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