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How Brands Use Affiliate Marketing to Test the Performance of Other Channels

The Outperform Podcast

Listen time: 16:18

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Most brands understand how affiliate marketing can help them effectively drive quality sales, high-value leads and new customers. However, the affiliate model also offers brands an efficient and cost-effective way to test the performance of their other marketing channels.

On this episode, Lindsey Scerba, an Associate Director at Acceleration Partners, explains how brands are doing this and how the low-risk testing capabilities of the affiliate model are even more valuable to brands as they face tight marketing budgets and new expectations around return on investment.

Show Notes

  • The types of businesses and brands that are using affiliate marketing to test the performance of other marketing channels
  • Why these brands are using their affiliate program to test other marketing channels.
  • How affiliate marketing’s structure makes it such a useful channel for this type of performance testing.
  • Specific examples of marketing channels that brands are using their affiliate programs to test prior to allocating budget to those channels.
  • How testing marketing channels via affiliate has helped brands save time and money.

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Episode Transcription

[Blog] How Leading Companies Are Using Affiliate to Test Other Channels

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