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Grow Your Business with Influencer Partnerships

Influencer partnerships have a unique power to engage audiences with authenticity and relatability. With Acceleration Partners, you can enhance your brand’s reach, credibility, and engagement with a strategic, proven approach to influencer partnerships.

The influencer marketing industry is in the midst of a remarkable transformation and is projected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.3% between 2022 and 2030.


Brands that fail to seize this pivotal moment risk being left behind in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. To remain competitive and relevant, your business needs to recognize the changing dynamics of consumer behavior and the evolving role of influencers as trusted guides.

Scale Your Influencer Program

Acceleration Partners delivers integrated and strategic influencer program management for outcome-based marketing programs that can scale and be fully integrated into your partnership marketing program.

Acceleration Partners Delivers a Strategic Approach to Influencer Marketing

Acceleration Partners’ fully-integrated and transparent influencer program management service is designed to create outcome-based programs that produce measurable, scalable results.


Our team strategically acquires influencer partners for your brand to help you target the right audiences and generate quality leads, revenue, and much more.

Direct Response Influencer

We leverage trusted macro influencers within our network to create high-quality content for your brand. With more control over the messaging and creative direction, the results prove to be incredibly effective with a wide reach and exponential ROI.

Influencers as Affiliates

We identify and activate a broad range of micro influencers by seeding product and offering a commission on conversions. This tactic allows creators more freedom, while building a vast and diverse network of brand advocates that we track and manage through affiliate platforms.


Through industry-leading research and data, we pinpoint the most successful content to strategically amplify. Sometimes known as ‘white listing’ or ‘dark posting’, we gain access to an affiliate’s account and put your budget against an ad, directly targeting users through their platform.


Launch & Scale A Revenue Driving Influencer Program Today

Ready to integrate influencer partnerships into your partnership marketing program, or scale your existing influencer program into new markets? We can help you drive real revenue with proven strategies designed for your vertical.