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AP Designs Always-On Influencer Strategy for Allbirds

Allbirds develops high-quality apparel and footwear by leveraging naturally derived materials. The brand launched its influencer program in 2020 but quickly realized that influencer content varied greatly in terms of consistency and efficacy.

To remedy this, Allbirds teamed up with Acceleration Partners (AP) to develop a plan for increasing the quality, consistency and volume of influencer content. Acceleration Partners crafted an always-on strategy that involved recruiting new, highly productive influencers to the program and implemented a better incentive structure to retain existing influencer partners.

Find out how this strategic influencer strategy led to increased influencer membership, monthly content, and significant revenue growth.



increase in revenue YoY


increase in conversions YoY


increase in content posts YoY


new influencers added to the program


AP opened the content creation floodgates by using a combination of two tactics. First, the AP team proactively recruited active, high-performing partners that would consistently publish Allbirds content. AP leveraged discovery tools to find opportunities that closely resembled the high-performing influencers already partnered with Allbirds across a range of content verticals, using GRIN – Allbirds’ all-in-one creator management platform. This approach led to a near-immediate increase in total content volume, thereby boosting brand awareness, reach and productivity.

Additionally, AP revamped Allbirds’ incentives model in order to encourage influencers to scale their partnerships and increase their engagement with the brand. This new model led to an increase in post frequency among top performers and influencers that historically enjoyed little success in terms of revenue.

As part of these efforts, AP helped Allbirds classify its creators using a tiered structure. This structure divided Allbirds’ nearly 900 creators into one of three categories: inactive, click active, or revenue active. Individual influencers were then assigned specific goals — such as driving more sales — and were promised incentives upon meeting those objectives.

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