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Capitalise on Mobile E-Commerce with Partnership Marketing

Since 2017, mobile device website traffic has accounted for over half of all global web traffic. Last year, nearly 60% of all web traffic originated from mobile devices. Unsurprisingly, consumers are not only using their mobile devices to conduct most online inquiries but also leveraging them to support their e-commerce shopping habits.

To capitalise on this ever-growing market, you must ensure that your partnership marketing strategy is optimised for mobile. With that in mind, let’s examine just how huge the mobile e-commerce market has become and explore some actionable tips you can use to retune your partnership marketing tactics to target mobile users.


The state of mobile e-commerce in 2023

It’s safe to say that the mobile e-commerce market is thriving.

In 2022, more than four out of ten (42%) e-commerce transactions were performed on mobile devices. Experts project that mobile e-commerce transactions will continue to rise throughout 2023.

In terms of total retail, mobile e-commerce accounted for 6% of the market share in 2022, which translates to $415.93 billion in sales. By 2026, it’s expected to account for 8.7% of all retail transactions.

American consumers aren’t just using their mobile devices to make purchases. They’re also using them to “window shop,” or browse items they may or may not have a strong intent to purchase. According to Shopify, 21% of mobile device users interact with shopping apps several times per day.

As you can see, the mobile e-commerce market has become too big to ignore.


How to win at mobile partnership marketing

If you want to win at mobile partnership marketing, we suggest implementing the following three proven strategies.


1. Embrace consumers’ love of apps

According to BigCommerce, U.S. adults spend about four hours a day accessing the internet from mobile devices. Researchers found that about 88% of this time is spent on mobile apps rather than browsers.

You can use this data to your advantage by advertising your products on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. To further expand your reach, connect with affiliates with a large social following and work with influencers within your vertical.


2. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

Influencers and affiliates have one main goal: driving traffic to your site so consumers can explore your products and make purchases. To take full advantage of your partners’ efforts, you need a site that’s optimised for mobile.

A mobile-optimised site will provide consumers with a seamless shopping experience from start to finish. If you want to deliver a positive user experience, make sure you use responsive design techniques. Doing so lets you create a site that looks great and functions well on any device.


3. Optimise SMS messaging tactics

Connecting with your audience through SMS messages can help you build a sense of loyalty toward your brand and keep consumers engaged long after their initial purchase. This tactic allows you to target each audience segment with custom messaging, promote your products, and notify them of deals or sales.

That said, you must be careful not to overload your audience by sending them too many messages. Doing so will prompt them to hit the “unsubscribe” button — and possibly reconsider buying your products altogether.

To optimise your SMS mobile partnership marketing strategy, make it a point to engage in audience segmentation. In other words, divide your audience into subgroups based on their purchasing habits, age ranges, interests, and other attributes.

For instance, you might send separate messages to existing customers and new leads. Remember to only send messages to consumers who have opted in.


Rev up your mobile partnership marketing strategy with AP

With the increasing dominance of mobile devices in online shopping, it is imperative for businesses to optimise their partnership marketing strategy for mobile. To succeed in mobile partnership marketing, businesses must embrace consumers’ love of apps, ensure their website is mobile-friendly, and optimise their SMS messaging tactics. By implementing these strategies, businesses can connect with a massive audience and take their affiliate and influencer campaigns to the next level.

Be sure to check out our new Guide to Mobile Partnership Marketing to gain industry insights and actionable tips and strategies for succeeding in the fast-evolving world of mobile marketing.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to optimise your mobile partnership marketing strategy, Acceleration Partners (AP) is here to help. We provide a range of services to help businesses achieve their mobile partnership marketing goals, including affiliate programme management, influencer marketing, and mobile optimisation. With our expertise and guidance, you can take your partnership marketing strategy to the next level and capitalise on the enormous potential of mobile e-commerce.


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