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Beyond Online Sales: How Affiliate Marketing Can Boost In-Store Sales

While many online retailers are well-versed in the power of affiliate marketing, it’s important to recognize that brick-and-mortar stores can also reap substantial benefits from this effective marketing channel.

Let’s explore the wide-reaching potential, increased brand awareness, and targeted engagement that affiliate marketing offers, as well as effective tactics such as personalized incentives, product reviews, and location targeting to drive foot traffic and revenue.


Benefits of Using Affiliate Marketing for In-Store Sales

Before you learn how to use affiliate marketing to boost in-store sales, you need to know why it works. By using affiliates as part of your marketing strategy, you can:


Reach a Wider Audience

Strategically selecting affiliates with loyal online followings allows you to magnify your digital presence and connect with potential customers. F.Hinds, a British jewelry retailer and Acceleration Partners (AP) client, used this strategy brilliantly to achieve a 198% increase in affiliate program revenue.

With guidance from AP, F.Hinds connected with Airtime Rewards, a card-linked offer partner with over 2.5 million members. This partnership significantly increased the jeweler’s reach and led to a huge increase in revenue and in-store purchases.


Increase Brand Awareness

Affiliate marketing offers a powerful means to enhance brand awareness, resulting in long-term business growth. By collaborating with affiliates, you can effortlessly showcase your logo, brand imagery, and products to potential customers, boosting recognition and recall. To maximize the impact, it’s crucial to select affiliates whose audiences align with your customer base.


Target Specific Demographics

Gaining a foothold among niche audiences can be hard. By strategically selecting affiliates whose followers align with your customer base, you can tailor your marketing efforts and attract individuals who are more likely to convert into in-store sales.

This targeted approach maximizes brand visibility and drives foot traffic to your physical stores, resulting in increased revenue. Additionally, partnering with affiliates specializing in specific demographics provides valuable consumer insights to inform your marketing strategy.


How Affiliate Marketing Can Drive In-Store Sales

There are many ways that you can put an affiliate marketing strategy to work for your brick-and-mortar store. Consider these three tried-and-true tactics:


1. Providing Personalized Incentives

Effectively drive in-store sales by leveraging personalized discount codes or coupons. By tailoring these offers to specific audiences, they create a sense of exclusivity and personalization. Customers are motivated to visit physical stores to redeem these unique discounts, increasing foot traffic.

This strategy not only enhances the shopping experience but also creates opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. By enticing customers with personalized incentives, brands can successfully drive in-store sales and generate higher revenue.


2. Encouraging Product Reviews

Affiliate marketing can boost in-store sales by leveraging affiliate product reviews or recommendations. By incentivizing affiliates to provide honest reviews or recommendations, brands can generate consumer trust and interest.

This can lead potential customers to visit physical stores, seeking a hands-on experience with the endorsed products. With the added credibility and buzz generated by affiliates, in-store sales are encouraged, as customers are more likely to make a purchase based on positive reviews and personal recommendations.


3. Performing Location Targeting

Some tech-savvy affiliates can perform location targeting using mobile apps to drive in-store purchases. When building your portfolio of partners, make sure to inquire about any location-targeting capabilities. Adding even one such affiliate to your team can have a huge impact on in-store foot traffic.

One particular affiliate type that might be able to do this for your brand are card-linked offer (CLO) affiliates. By leveraging location-based platforms, customer data, geo-fencing and proximity targeting, customized offers based on location, and even geolocation-based push notifications, CLO affiliates can often effectively drive in-store foot traffic and increased conversions for brands.


Best Practices for Using Affiliate Marketing for In-Store Sales

If you want to make the most of your affiliate marketing program, it is vital that you follow these best practices:


Choose the Right Affiliates

Some eager marketers have snagged the first affiliate partners they can find — only to experience lackluster results. When selecting affiliate partners to boost in-store sales through affiliate marketing, brands should prioritize relevance, audience alignment, and reputation. Choose partners whose target audience overlaps with your own, ensuring a higher likelihood of conversions. Additionally, assessing the partner’s reputation and credibility helps ensure a positive brand association and effective marketing collaboration.


Provide Affiliates with Quality Resources

After you have recruited the right partners for your unique program, you need to equip them to succeed by providing quality marketing materials and resources, including coupon or discount codes, product information, attractive visual assets, and persuasive promotional materials. Clear guidelines on brand messaging, target audience, and key selling points should be shared.

Regular communication, performance feedback, and exclusive incentives can further motivate affiliates to drive in-store sales effectively. Also, make sure to implement a fair commission model. By adequately compensating affiliates, you can keep them loyal and motivated.


Supercharge Your Affiliate Marketing Journey with AP

When it comes to taking your partnership and affiliate marketing strategy to new heights, there’s no better ally than Acceleration Partners. Our team of dedicated affiliate marketing experts is fueled by passion and driven to deliver exceptional results.

Whether you need help building a program from the ground up or want to revamp an existing affiliate program, AP is your ultimate solution. With our comprehensive resources and a track record of success, we’re here to empower your business with unparalleled growth.


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