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Luxury Retailer Realises 10% Increase in Overall Revenue from Technology Affiliate

Prior to becoming an Acceleration Partners (AP) client, the brand did not have an affiliate programme. Their objective was for AP to launch a programme that would help them efficiently growth their business and elevate their brand awareness.

Learn how a luxury brand’s affiliate partnership with a technology company helped them optimise conversions and realize a 10% increase in programme revenue.



increase in overall programme revenue


decrease in overall CPA

Top 3

programme partner

Highest Converting Channel

across all digital marketing channels




After learning more about the client’s optimisation objectives, AP’s partner development team recommended UpSellit – a technology company that designs, develops, and optimises personalised conversion experiences for leading brands – based on these features:

Capability to easily align with the brand’s identity and messaging

Seamless integration with the brand’s site as targeted stages of the conversion funnel

100% performance-based (CPA) pricing model (brands only pay on outcomes/conversions)

The AP team provided an educational overview of UpSellit, shared projections for conversion optimisation and cost-effective revenue increase, and proposed a test campaign with this non-traditional affiliate at a lower commission rate.

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