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Acceleration Partners Helps Reebok Increase Revenue 161% YoY with Loyalty Affiliate Campaign

Reebok seeks to inspire consumers to pursue their passions, celebrate their individuality and become an active participant in the world around them. Whether it’s through sports, fashion or art, Reebok hopes to empower individuals to participate in whatever moves them.

Upon seeing a drop in orders after an initial rise during the onset of the pandemic, Reebok turned to Acceleration Partners for their expertise and innovative ideas to help return to pre-pandemic order levels.  AP presented a media placement opportunity to run a lucrative campaign with loyalty affiliate partner Cartera. The campaign targeted new consumers and resulted in a significant increase in new customer revenue, as well as increased average order value (AOV).



increase in revenue YoY from Cartera


increase in clicks YoY from Cartera


increase in new customer revenue YoY from Cartera


increase in AOV YoY from Cartera


Strategic Loyalty Campaign Site Discover

The Acceleration Partners team devised a strategic 2-week campaign with Cartera. Cartera is a leading provider of loyalty programme solutions that works strategically to drive loyalty for brands via their relationships with banks and airlines, which became key players in the campaign.

The targeted campaign included a limited-time bonus in which consumers could earn 500 bonus points for qualifying purchases of at least $100 with Reebok. These points were applied as bonus miles for a major U.S. airline.

To promote this campaign, Cartera deployed a newsletter announcing the Reebok bonus offer to airline loyalty members. Homepage placements were also added to the participating airline site.  While this initiative targeted just one airline, there was a halo effect resulting in 38% of the revenue coming from Cartera’s other programmes.

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