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Acceleration Partners announced they are opening of a new business entity in Germany, which has the fifth largest e-commerce market in the world. The newly formed organisation will increase support for AP’s clients, giving access to industry experts who understand local market nuances, speak the native language and have ...READ MORE >

Acceleration Partners Launches New Germany Entity

December 01, 2021FinanzNachrichten
Acceleration Partners (AP), the leading global partnership agency, announced today the opening of a new business entity in Germany, which has the 5th largest e-commerce market in the world. The newly formed organization will increase support for AP's clients, giving access to industry experts who understand local market nuances, speak ...READ MORE >

Maintaining Client Satisfaction Through Difficult Times

November 30, 2021The Business Creator's Radio Show
During tough times, especially over the last couple of years, businesses have suffered. Maintaining client satisfaction is now more crucial than ever. Join Acceleration Partners' Chief Client Offer Sarah Dayes as she talks through navigating this.READ MORE >

PerformanceIN top 50

November 25, 2021PerformanceIN
Find out this year’s top 50 change-makers and key players in the partner and performance marketing industry, nominated by you and compiled by the team at PerformanceIN. Congratulations to Senior Director of Global Accounts, Tyla Cobb for being included in the list for 2021.READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners hires Tammy Porter as their new VP of B2B Partnership Marketing. Read more here.READ MORE >
Adrine Harutyunyan will lead Acceleration Partners' influencer marketing practices as they grow their influence team and offerings. Read more here.READ MORE >
PI Live took place in October in London this year. It discussed actionable insights from thought leaders within the performance marketing industry. Take a look at the conversation with Lisa Power, the Global Account Director at Acceleration Partners, and hear her thoughts on outcome-based marketing.READ MORE >
Listen to Kevin Osborne, the SVP of Client Strategy at Acceleration Partners discuss how to create a smart and scalable affiliate marketing strategy. Listen to his discussion on how to use your own data, tapping into tried-and-true marketing channels, and reducing friction on the back-end to use affiliate marketing as ...READ MORE >
Hear from Acceleration Partners' Jon Claydon on the growing popularity of social media channels that has led to the rise of the influencer, a relatively new marketing phenomenon. Influencers have rapidly come to play a vital role in a brand's marketing mix, offering top-of-funnel brand exposure, compelling content to use ...READ MORE >
The latest, most expansive iteration of affiliate marketing features an outcome-based pricing structure, brand control, and a growing number of partner types. Read about the future of partnership marketing.READ MORE >
For the fifth straight year in a row, Acceleration Partners is recognized among the most innovative performance marketing agencies. The IPMAs celebrate the accomplishments of the performance marketing community while also acknowledging the industry’s rapid expansion on a global scale. Acceleration Partners’ team of more than 200 employees service programs ...READ MORE >
This year, Acceleration Partners won the industry choice award of Best Performance Marketing Agency. This is the 5th year in a row that Acceleration Partners has won this prestigious award and shows the dedication to the clients and customers and being true leaders in the industry.READ MORE >

Movers and Shakers: September 2021

September 29, 2021PerformanceIN
Catch up with September’s movers and shakers, with new hires at Acceleration Partners,, and new partnerships for TikTok and Taboola. Acceleration Partners has announced the appointment of Yasamine Davami as the new Global Account Director for Affiliate Marketing.READ MORE >
Building a successful brand is all about creating and engaging a community around your business. If you are looking to create a following of loyal fans read the 15 tips here, including advice from Acceleration Partners' Matt Wool.READ MORE >
A business can't survive without it's customers! That's why measuring and improving your customer experience is important for any business that wants to grow. Read what recommendations Fast Company Executive Board members have on measuring your customer experience, including AP's President, Matt Wool.READ MORE >
A recent YouGov survey found that 57% of British people want to work from home after the pandemic. So, it seems that remote work is here to stay, but what does it mean for the affiliate marketing industry? AP's Helen Southgate shares top insights about the remote working trend.READ MORE >
AP's Michelle Morgan comments on college athletes leveraging their platforms as an opportunity to partner with brands and become publishers and paid influencers. Brands have already started swooping in to strike deals with popular players.READ MORE >
AP's Joanna Kenny shares why affiliate partnerships play a key role within each stage of the retail sales funnel to help drive growth. Learn why successful retail brands have a diverse range of partnerships that engage with consumers at every stage.READ MORE >
AP's David Vince shares why when looking to recruit partners outside of traditional affiliates, a different approach is needed. Read on to find his top tips for recruiting and activating non-traditional partners to your affiliate programme.READ MORE >
For those wanting to show off the benefits of affiliate marketing to their CEO or CMO, this introduction and guide will outline exactly what it is, who the key players are, and how to get started.READ MORE >

A Look Into Affiliate Marketing

March 11, 2021Fjorge, Mind Your Own Marketing Business podcast
Sarah Dayes dives into what affiliate marketing partnerships are, as well as how the affiliate marketing landscape has grown and changed over the years.READ MORE >
Robert Glazer joins MarTech in this quick chat to talk through Acceleration Partners' growth story while sharing a few tips that can help sales and marketing leaders thrive in a remote working world.READ MORE >
Global affiliate marketing network Awin has completed the full acquisition of R.O.EYE’s SingleView attribution technology, with global affiliate marketing agency Acceleration Partners completing the full acquisition of R.O.EYE’s UK agency business.READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners, the premier global partner marketing agency, announced today that it has acquired the agency business of R.O.EYE, a Manchester-based performance marketing agency dedicated to optimizing digital media performance.READ MORE >
The acquisition of R.O.EYE's agency business in the UK strengthens Acceleration Partners position as an affiliate and partner marketing industry leader. Since launching in July 2017, Acceleration Partners' EMEA business has seen significant growth.READ MORE >

Movers and Shakers: February 2021

February 25, 2021PerformanceIN
Catch up with February's key movers and shakers, with new hires from Acceleration Partners, Incubeta and more.READ MORE >
As of January 5, 2021, Acceleration Partners has officially announced the acquisition of Streamline Marketing, a leading performance marketing agency.READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners announced it has received a strategic investment from Denver-based middle market private equity firm, Mountaingate Capital.READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners’ Stephanie Swan outlines what makes an effective affiliate campaign and the three considerations that will help to maximize your investment in the channel.READ MORE >
Le Col was looking to grow and reach new customers, so approached Acceleration Partners who recommended an innovative affiliate approach based on three pillars: recruitment, re-activation, and programme technology.READ MORE >
Helen Southgate, Managing Director for Acceleration Partners EMEA and APAC, focuses on three key areas: Ensuring you have the right publisher mix, maximising geography from local to global, and really thinking about what partnership success looks like (win-win-win).READ MORE >
Partner Development Manager, David Vince, shares the top three strategies you can implement to drive incremental growth via the affiliate channel in 2021.READ MORE >
Client Services Director, EMEA & APAC, Stephanie Swan speaks to PerformanceIN about winning 'Best Team in Performance Marketing' at the 2020 Virtual Performance Marketing Awards.READ MORE >
We spoke to 7 of our top agency partners from across the globe to gain a better understanding of how they help brands and marketers tackle fraud, the trends they’re seeing, and what fraud means to them.READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners managing director Helen Southgate discusses the importance of having a more diverse affiliate programme and how this can mitigate some of the common challenges associated within the affiliate channel.READ MORE >
Helen Southgate discusses supplier contracts in affiliate marketing and the importance of understanding what both parties want from the relationship.READ MORE >
Robert Glazer shares his insights as mobile commerce marketing company Button unveiled a product suite called Evolution with more tools for attribution and personalization.READ MORE >
As brands take a step back from these paid social platforms, they are reassessing the marketing landscape and actively evaluating alternative channels to allot their planned media investment to.READ MORE >

Emerging Market Spotlight: China

June 23, 2020PerformanceIN
Yuting Wu, account manager, affiliate marketing at Acceleration Partners, shares top tips for brands expanding into China, one of APAC's biggest markets.READ MORE >

How COVID-19 Is Reshaping Affiliate Partnerships

May 28, 2020Publishing Executive
AP Founder and CEO, Robert Glazer shares how the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping affiliate partnerships.READ MORE >
Keiko Tsuboi, account manager at AP, shares top tips for expansion into Japan, one of APAC's emerging markets. Learn all about market maturity in the affiliate industry and why trust is key to long-lasting relationships!READ MORE >
Key insights from Acceleration Partners and other members in the affiliate marketing sector about changing consumer behaviour during the COVID-19 outbreak.READ MORE >
Robert Glazer shares ways brands are adjusting their affiliate marketing strategies in the time of Covid-19.READ MORE >
Robert Glazer shares insights on why more brands are shifting their marketing dollars towards performance-based channels, such as affiliate.READ MORE >
Kristine Lee, associate account manager, explores this month's country spotlight and highlights the importance of prioritising face-to-face meetings and how partner marketing is growing in popularity across the APAC region as a whole.READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners Founder and CEO, Robert Glazer shares insights on COVID-19 and your quarantined workforce.READ MORE >
Robert Glazer, CEO of Acceleration Partners, who’s led his large team of remote employees effectively for over a decade, shares his experience on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast. READ MORE >
In this article Robert Glazer, Founder & CEO of Acceleration Partners discusses, how affiliate marketing can help marketers drive better conversions.READ MORE >
Here's a run-down of the some of the leading companies and experts in performance marketing on raising awareness of the global pandemic and supporting partners during this distressing time.READ MORE >
My role at Acceleration Partners was my first ever 100% remote working role. When I started remote working, I certainly faced some challenges, and it wasn’t an easy adjustment. To help those who are remote working for the first time, I’m going to share some tips and best practices ...READ MORE >
Remote work has been a key topic for years, but it is particularly urgent today, as the spread of the coronavirus is forcing companies as large as Amazon, Microsoft, and Twitter to telework.READ MORE >
Alas, we’re just over a month into 2020 and despite the prospect of new ideas, innovation and brands building stronger relationships, growing their programs and increasing incremental revenue, we’re still discussing the same old story — affiliate marketing vs partner marketing.READ MORE >

2020 Affiliate Marketing Trends

February 04, 2020Awin
As part of Awin's 2020 Affiliate Marketing Trends report, EMEA and APAC Managing Director, Helen Southgate shares her thoughts on why we will see automation playing an increasing role in our industry.READ MORE >
APAC wins Acceleration Partners has won the account for Omio and has successfully launched its program in APAC, in addition to LATAM and North America.READ MORE >
We all have the same number of hours in a day, so how do some people seem to get more done, and be happier while doing it? They have more capacity. On this episode, Robert Glazer explains how you can build your physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional capacity. We also ...READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners is proud to announce that Sophie Parry-Billings (Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA), and Laura Paterson (Senior Account Manager, EMEA) have been named in PerformanceIN’s 50 Top Performance Marketers List of 2019.READ MORE >
Brands have long collaborated with other brands to grow their business. A simplified definition of brand-to-brand partnerships is “a mutual agreement between a brand and one or more organizations to increase brand awareness, break into new markets, and cross-promote products/services.”READ MORE >
With Singles Day behind us and Black Friday imminent, we thought it would be interesting to pick the brains of agency experts for their thoughts on how to leverage partnerships throughout the holiday season. READ MORE >
Robert Glazer is a member of EO Boston and the CEO of Acceleration Partners, a leading independent affiliate management agency with 160 employees. Glazer has established himself as a leader who invests in his team and in the culture of his organization.  His company, Acceleration Partners, was honored with Glassdoor Employees’ ...READ MORE >
The IAB hosted its cross-industry initiative — Nonference — involving representatives from Awin, Acceleration Partners, Optimise, RevLifter and the7stars to deliver an interactive session which was Blind Date-themed and primarily made up of brands and agencies unfamiliar with the channel. READ MORE >

How Do You Create a Best Place to Work?

October 16, 2019Entrepreneurs' Organization
The company was honored with Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award, recognizing the Best Places to Work in 2019. The Employees’ Choice Awards program relies solely on the input of employees, who elect to provide feedback on their jobs, work environments and companies via Glassdoor. READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners, the premier global partner marketing agency, has been named “Most Committed to Work-Life Balance” by the 2019 Digiday Worklife Awards. READ MORE >
Sometimes it’s maddening. Sitting in traffic, or enduring interminable Red Line delays, only to get to the office and do pretty much the same thing you could do at home — only with more people around. And better lunch options. READ MORE >
If you’ve been around digital marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the early days of affiliate marketing referred to as the “Wild West.” There was a time when affiliate marketing was pretty lawless—plagued by fraud and policed by no one. But with all the ...READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners’ Tyla Cobb highlights some strategies for mitigating the impact of ad blockers within an affiliate program, including auditing publisher sites and blocking lists, partnering with networks/SaaS platforms and avoiding disruptive ad experiences. READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners, the performance marketing firm, isn’t your average marketing agency. For starters, the company operates fully remotely from six “hubs” around the country. Ladders spoke with Acceleration Partners founder and CEO – as well as the author of Elevate – Robert Glazer, to find out how to manage a company ...READ MORE >
A performance marketing strategy allows marketers to pay the affiliates on completion of a mutually agreed-upon customer (or prospect) action. But what are the most effective types of performance marketing that can inspire your audience to take that action? Let's first understand performance marketing and then find out the answer. READ MORE >
In this report, Helen Southgate, EMEA Managing Director of Acceleration Partners takes a look at the state of play in the industry today and reveal performance marketing’s bright future through ten dos and don’ts – or industry ‘commandments’ - that will help advertisers, agencies and everyone involved in the ...READ MORE >
An insights manager at an independent ad agency on the West Coast quit earlier this year after nearly five years working at the company. Her final day? The following one. “Bottom line: She didn’t think she needed to [give more notice than a day],” wrote the agency’s head ...READ MORE >
Following the release of the Diversity in Public Speaking Report, Turn the Talk will be hosting a free afternoon event in London on Thursday 4th July. The event is free to attend, but spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. READ MORE >
Getting a strong return on a marketing investment: It keeps a lot of people up at night. How will the money spent on that PR firm translate into sales dollars? How will that huge advertising campaign that cost a million dollars impact your brand? For most marketing initiatives, determining ROI ...READ MORE >
Craig and Rob co-host the podcast with Awin colleague Clementyne Lavender, the recent winner of the Performance Marketing Awards' Industry Rising Star. Our main interview is with Sophie Parry-Billings, Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA at the agency Acceleration Partners, and focuses on the industry initiative Turn the Talk. READ MORE >
Robert Glazer is the founder and Managing Director of global performance marketing agency, Acceleration Partners. Under his leadership, Acceleration Partners has received numerous company culture awards, including #4 on Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards, Ad Age’s Best Place to Work, Entrepreneur’s Top Company Culture, and Inc. Magazine’s Best ...READ MORE >
With the rapidly changing digital, affiliate and partner marketing environment, the things brands have done to create successful affiliate marketing to date, is not what will grow their programmes now and in the future. Helen Southgate discusses how organisations need to be smarter to create better affiliate programmes today and ...READ MORE >
Let’s face it, you need some time off. Not only are you leaving money on the table by not taking vacations (which are, after all, part of your compensation) but, as your already humongous to-do list keeps getting longer, it’s harder to come up with fresh ideas, or ...READ MORE >
With continuing expansion plans in EMEA, global affiliate marketing consultancy Acceleration Partners has hired Stephanie Swan as EMEA operations director as a result of exceptional growth for the company. With over 13 years’ experience in affiliate marketing, Swan brings a wealth of experience to the team. Prior to joining Acceleration Partners, ...READ MORE >
In March 2019, Acceleration Partners and Connected Path announced the launch of an industry-wide diversity initiative Turn the Talk. The launch was supported with a survey, asking respondents to comment on their thoughts towards public speaking, perceived barriers and how inclusive and freely available these opportunities are. READ MORE >
Americans need more rest and vacation. The average full-time employee works 47 hours per week, and Americans work 7.8% more hours annually than they did in the 1970s. And 52% don’t use their annual allotment of vacation days. As a result, American workers are under heightened stress. READ MORE >
When Annie Auerbach secured a three-day week after the birth of her second daughter seven years ago, she was delighted. ‘Negotiating flexible working felt like a victory, but actually making it work was the hard part,’ says Annie, who worked for a global research agency at the time. READ MORE >
It pays to keep workers offline. That’s the opinion of Bob Glazer, the founder and CEO of global marketing agency Acceleration Partners, who recently unveiled a new work perk: Employees who stay off workplace email and other online communication while on vacation can earn up to $750. READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners founder and CEO Bob Glazer describes the methodology behind performance-driven partnerships for large publishers, big retailers and brands. READ MORE >
Here are the key takeaways from the PerformanceIN, Acceleration Partners and Connected Path webinar on encouraging diversity in public speaking at PI LIVE and bringing more diversity and talent to the performance marketing industry. READ MORE >
Helen Southgate of Acceleration Partners on why women should not be afraid to take the stage and shares some tips for speaking success. READ MORE >
Global services for mobile devices for publishers and technology partners that offer on-site optimization through a performance model will become a focus for affiliate marketers within the next six months. READ MORE >
The affiliate space continues to become more innovative each year. As a result, clients are looking for ways to enhance their affiliate programs. This could include anything from cross-device tracking to multi-channel attribution. And one of the fastest-growing affiliate marketing trends is private or “in-house” programs that are powered by ...READ MORE >
Led by Acceleration Partners and Connected Path, Turn the Talk is a new initiative to empower individuals and broaden voices in performance marketing. READ MORE >

Movers & Shakers: February 2019

March 04, 2019Performance IN
Affiliate marketing and services company Pepperjam has been making some key developments these past few weeks, following the launch of its affiliate marketing tech lifecycle tech platform Ascend, with Mike Flanaganand Don Gustavson joining the company as regional VP of sales, East, and VP of agency development and strategic partnerships, ...READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners highlight three essential affiliate marketing strategies retailers should implement to reach the right consumers and maximise return on investment. READ MORE >
Performance marketing agency Acceleration Partners and digital marketing consultancy Connected Path are joining PerformanceIN to host a webinar on Encouraging Diversity in Speaking at PI LIVE 2019 on Friday, 8th March, International Women’s Day at 11.30 GMT, which will focus on public speaking and encouraging more diversity on panel sessions at ...READ MORE >
Rewards Network has hired Kevin Dulsky as Senior Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships. Dulsky joins Rewards Network with more than 20 years of experience driving growth through strategic partnerships and mobile integrations for leading technology companies such as PayPal, Lyft, and Nokia. READ MORE >
This week has seen another wave of appointments and departures at brands, media owners and agencies. The Drum has rounded up the key moves from the EMEA, APAC and North America regions. This week's features moves at Dentsu Aegis Network, Skyscanner, Ogilvy, GroupM, VCCP Singapore, Digitas and The Trade Desk. READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners, the affiliate marketing agency, announced the promotion of Emily Tetto to Vice President of Talent and Culture. READ MORE >
Bob Glazer is the CEO of Acceleration Partners, a global performance marketing agency, and the Founder and Chairman of Brandcycle. He’s also an alum of the University of the University of Pennsylvania. READ MORE >
This year’s Affiliate Summit West conference took place earlier this month in Las Vegas. And just like every year, performance marketing experts gathered to see some of the potential challenges and opportunities the space is likely to see in 2019. This year’s conference gave them plenty to chew on. READ MORE >
For the past two years, Robert Glazer, the CEO of the Boston-based marketing agency Acceleration Partners, has welcomed the holiday season by granting some of his employees' greatest wishes. READ MORE >
It’s no secret that performance marketing on Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks is evolving and will deliver high-quality engagement for brands. People are increasingly turning to social media to learn about new products, with 76 percent of shoppers purchasing a product they discovered in a social media post. READ MORE >
It's no secret that performance marketing on Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks is evolving and will deliver high-quality engagement for brands. READ MORE >
With ITP 2.0 and the imminent Firefox updates continuing to threaten tracking and measurement ad tech, affiliates, networks and retailers have come together, issuing a rallying cry to all advertisers, calling on them to implement fit-for-purpose tracking solutions that fairly reward their publishers. AP EMEA MD Helen, comments...   READ MORE >
Helen Southgate of Acceleration Partners on why women should not be afraid to take the stage and shares some tips for speaking success... READ MORE >

Movers & Shakers: December 2018

January 03, 2019PerformanceIN
First up, digital agency Visualsoft has named Daniel Dixon as head of social as the company continues to grow. His job will involve scaling the company’s offering, overseeing social media marketing campaigns, developing content topics and managing day-to-day social media output. READ MORE >
This week has seen another wave of appointments and departures at brands, media owners and agencies. The Drum has rounded up the key moves from the EMEA, APAC and North America regions below. READ MORE >
Affiliate marketers did well during the third quarter of 2018, increasing revenue by 35% year-over-year. That data comes from Acceleration Partners, a global affiliate marketing agency. The report analyzed data from more than 13,000 active retailer and affiliate clients' programs from the third quarter of 2017 to the third quarter of 2018 to see how ...READ MORE >

New Hires at Womply and Urban Airship

December 21, 2018Street Fight
Brad Paterson has joined Womply as the company’s first Chief Operating Officer. Most recently, Paterson was Vice President of Marketing at Intuit. Prior to Intuit, Paterson spent a decade serving in executive roles at PayPal and Visa. Womply has raised $50M in financing. READ MORE >
Caliber Corporate Advisers has appointed Grace Keith president. Keith most recently served as managing director at the firm. Before coming to Caliber in 2014, she served as PR manager, financial & risk at Thomson Reuters and PR manager at OTC Markets Group. READ MORE >
Some companies are going beyond year-end bonuses by making their workers’ dreams come true. Kaylee Feldt, an associate at Acceleration Partners global marketing agency, has a younger brother she’s never met; her parents gave him up for adoption after he was born, when she was just a year old. ...READ MORE >
I have a corporate gift that is seven-years-old. Nothing elaborate nor expensive. However, the card was unique, and it had a well-thought-out personalized note. I felt appreciated because it wasn’t a slapdash, factory mill approach. READ MORE >
Move over, Facebook: A Boston-based company has leapfrogged the social media giant on Glassdoor's annual ranking of the best places to work. READ MORE >
Robert Glazer is the founder and CEO of global performance marketing agency, Acceleration Partners. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of BrandCycle. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Robert has a passion for helping individuals and organizations build their capacity to outperform. READ MORE >
New York Media has found a new place to monetize audience trust in its recommendations: its Instagram feed. READ MORE >
Robert Glazer is the founder and CEO of global performance marketing agency, Acceleration Partners. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of BrandCycle. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Robert has a passion for helping individuals and organization build their capacity to outperform. READ MORE >

The guide to emerging affiliate models

November 22, 2018PerformanceIN
This is a must-read for any advertiser looking to learn more about emerging affiliate models, how innovation will continue to evolve business models across our industry and where innovation is happening across our industry READ MORE >

November 15, 2018Boston Globe
As 2016 began, Robert Glazer sat down in his Needham home office and dashed off an e-mail titled “Friday inspiration” to the 30 employees of Acceleration Partners. The CEO shared some tips on how to set goals for the year and a story about how his 6-year-old son had resolved to stop ...READ MORE >
Bob Glazer, founder & CEO of award-winning global performance marketing agency Acceleration Partners, offers radical --yet proven-- ideas for creating a positive company culture. On this episode of The TalentGrow Show, Bob also exposes old practices and paradigms that need to go away – like the two-week notice system (what?!) and ...READ MORE >
Commerce has grown from a curiosity into a key stream of revenue, so BuzzFeed is helping brands sell more products, developing new ones that BuzzFeed helps sell with them and tying advertising into those deals. READ MORE >
It can be tempting to look at highly successful people and imagine that they've been presented with opportunities others haven't. Typically, though, individuals who do the most with their lives create their own luck. Regardless of the situation you're born into, or the doors which others open, it takes discipline ...READ MORE >

PI LIVE Speaker Spotlight – Helen Southgate

September 28, 2018PerformanceIN
Find out more about Acceleration Partners' managing director, EMEA Helen Southgate ahead of her session on A Manifesto for Affiliate Marketing in 2019 on Day 2 of PI LIVE... READ MORE >
Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and back-to-school all provide opportunities to grow affiliate marketing programs, but opportunities for marketers and brands increase heading into the end-of-year holiday season. READ MORE >
When it comes to recruiting affiliates to join your programme, here are three tips to make sure your recruitment process is proactive and engaging. READ MORE >
NEEDHAM, Mass.---Acceleration Partners, the largest global affiliate marketing agency, has established a regional headquarters in Singapore and hired Janice Tan-David as Managing Director for their Asia-Pacific region. “We are thrilled to be officially launching Acceleration Partners in APAC and to have found an incredible leader in Janice,” said Robert ...READ MORE >
NEW YORK (AP) — Although Soyini Chan-Shue easily delegated work to police officers when she was a sergeant in the New York City Police Department, it was hard to relinquish tasks to employees of the security firm she now owns. READ MORE >
Hosted by Acceleration Partners, members from the affiliate marketing industry joined together to complete 300 km from London to Paris in just 24 hours – raising a grand total of over £24,000 for charity. READ MORE >

WLP179 – Values Driven Culture

September 06, 2018Virtual not Distant
Today’s episode brings you just two in-depth sections – we like to mix things up for you, and some subjects deserve a longer conversation. So we’re pairing a great interview about culture in a distributed organisation, with a discussion about the time we spend at work and how different ...READ MORE >
With a global affiliate marketing strategy now essential for brands looking to grow across the borders, here are five tips for managing your international affiliate marketing campaigns. READ MORE >
With concerns over fraud, viewability, and misaligned incentives in programmatic advertising reaching a fever pitch, publishers are increasingly looking outside traditional revenue generation models. That shift in approach has led a growing number of media companies to embrace affiliate, or performance-based, marketing. READ MORE >
We all get frustrated with our jobs from time to time, and in those moments, you might find yourself looking at your coworkers with envy, thinking about how easy they have it, or how much more exciting the work they’re doing is. It’s perfectly normal to have those ...READ MORE >
With summer winding down, back-to-school is now in full swing. Affiliate marketing is key for retailers during back-to-school. This time of year presents a prime opportunity for brands to collaborate with publishers and highlight core product lines on the lead-up to the upcoming school year. It’s a perfect time ...READ MORE >
With globalisation becoming increasingly common for brands, considering the challenges involved is key for successful expansion into any new market. READ MORE >
This week, Bob Glazer, founder and CEO at Acceleration Partners, joined me on the podcast. Bob was recently named #2 on Glassdoor’s Highest-Rated CEOs list, has an email newsletter called “Friday Forward” with more than 35,000 subscribers, and is the author of the book Performance Partnerships. READ MORE >
As the war for talent intensifies, building a strong employer brand is key to standing out as an employer of choice. We speak to Robert Glazer, CEO at Acceleration Partners and winner of a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award about the role of culture in building a winning employer brand. READ MORE >
What have YEC members been busy working on just in time for fall? Launching podcasts and forming contracts are just a few of the projects launching them into September. Below, we highlight 11 members and their big news. READ MORE >
Recently I had the opportunity to interview Robert Glazer from Acceleration Partners for the ongoing series: CEOs Share Leadership Strategies To Improve Your Company’s Culture. Robert Glazer is the founder & CEO of Acceleration Partners, a performance marketing agency, and the co-founder and Chairman of Brandcycle. READ MORE >

How to Expand Your Employees’ Capacity with Bob Glazer

August 10, 2018High Performance Leadership Podcast
Randy sits down with Bob Glazer, CEO and Founder of Acceleration Partners. They’re a performance marketing agency with clients all over the world. He’s probably best known for Friday Forward which is his weekly inspirational newsletter that goes out to more than 35,000 people. We talk about building a ...READ MORE >
In a bid to stand out in the crowd, our research finds that three-fifths of UK online retailers are already planning ahead for retails biggest event in the retail calendar, Black Friday... READ MORE >
New research by Acceleration Partners, has revealed that over three fifths of online UK retailers are already planning ahead for this year’s Black Friday event, whether that be ensuring they have enough stock or refining their deals and offers. Of those who have taken part in Black Friday before, 92% ...READ MORE >
Almost three-fifths (62%) of online UK retailers are raising their game by planning now for Black Friday, says a new study by Acceleration Partners... READ MORE >
I hate layoffs for all of the reasons most people do — they derail people’s lives, they hurt the business, they kill morale… the list goes on. But the main reason I hate layoffs is because they only occur for one real reason: management and ownership screwed up. READ MORE >
Most startups don’t fail because they lose money. The downward spiral starts much sooner when entrepreneurs let managing their financials fall by the wayside. In fact, a CB 2018 Insights report found that 29 percent of small businesses failed because they ran out of cash, perhaps a result of poor money ...READ MORE >
A little more than three years ago, I became a first-time mom. As I entered the world of feeding times, nap schedules, and general post-pregnancy life and eventually went back to work, I was introduced to a whole new balancing act — and a bit of working mom's guilt. READ MORE >
What is performance marketing, and how does it relate to affiliate marketing? The meaning of each has become confused and the line between them blurry. Some would say that performance marketing is a rebranding of affiliate marketing. Others use the name more loosely, as a blanket term for any correlation ...READ MORE >
Acceleration Partners’ EMEA Managing Director, Helen Southgate, discusses the role and position of networks in the affiliate marketing industry, including the transitions and challenges taking place and the importance of being objective. Find out more... READ MORE >
Glassdoor released its Employees’ Choice Awards late Tuesday night, naming the top CEOs for 2018 based on input from employees who elected to anonymously submit a company review. READ MORE >
These five affiliates are an example of how focusing on delivering real value and understanding an audience can bring great results. Find out more... READ MORE >
Today we’d like to introduce you to Robert Glazer. Robert Glazer is the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, the leading independent global affiliate marketing agency. He is also the author of the best-selling book, Performance Partnerships: The Checkered Past, Shifting Present, and Exciting Future of Affiliate Marketing and ...READ MORE >
Most brands in the affiliate channel have thousands of click active partners, but how can they ensure high conversion rates across their affiliate programme? Dipa Shah, shares her top five tips... READ MORE >
Today’s interview is with Robert Glazer. Robert is a founder, author, speaker and expert in growing revenue and profits for the largest brands. He is an industry thought leader in performance marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership and culture. He has extensive experience in the consumer, e-commerce, retail, online marketing, and ad-tech ...READ MORE >
At first glance, the affiliate industry appears to have reason to be concerned about the new technology. The main promise of blockchain (the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) is that it will make transactions safer, faster and more transparent for all parties. These are many of the same assertions ...READ MORE >
“This explains why, at the age of six, when my mom would ask me to clean my room, I’d rearrange it instead. It also explains my leadership style, my creation of Friday Forward emails, and my desire to do podcasts, speak, and write books,” Glazer says. He also identified ...READ MORE >
It’s no secret that Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. Everyone who’s anyone has a well-loved, obsessively checked and professionally filtered profile, probably with hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers. But why has the app risen in popularity so quickly? READ MORE >
Affiliate programs can be a major source of international growth. But you’ve got to know the dynamics of each market. Helen Southgate gives her top 7 tips for successfully taking your partner marketing program global. READ MORE >
Affiliate marketing is a child of the technology age, and it is growing up. As technology advances, three trends are driving the maturation of the business: globalization, the expanded use of mobile phones and the increasing sophistication of the attribution models that determine who gets credit for driving customer behavior. READ MORE >
Affiliate marketing refers to the process by which marketers promote a product or company and receive a commission on each sale generated by their marketing. A Mediakix article recently reported that, as of 2016, 81 percent of brands and 84 percent of publishers use affiliate marketing programs. Marketers looking for opportunities in affiliate ...READ MORE >