AP has worked with retail brands to design, develop, and grow their partnership programs for more than a decade. Our long-standing experience with the retail vertical shows: we've driven billions in revenue for our retail clients by being true partners, understanding their brand, audience, and objectives, and crafting a program that is designed to meet their goals. 

Whether your retail program is focused on traditional affiliate partners (e.g., coupon, loyalty, cashback partners) or if you're expanding your program to explore customer acquisition partnerships like mass media, content, buy now, pay later affiliates, or influencers, we can help you grow. Your client services teams will be matched to your specific needs, and you'll work with account managers that have the retail-specific partnership experience that can take your brand to the next level.

Retail Strategy

The experienced retail Account Management teams work closely with our global strategy team, and have deep expertise in the overall retail space, ensuring that we are bringing the right recommendations at the right time, truly impacting growth for your brand: 

  • Retail teams know that seasonality is critically important and having the right offer at the right time can make or break your year. Whether your top performing time is back to school, holiday, Valentine's Day, or a combination of many, we're able to proactively get ahead, supporting you to get compelling offers in the hands of top partners at the right time to impact your bottom line.
  • By understanding your market positioning, and your competitive set, our retail account teams are able to make recommendations that help you grow- while staying ahead of the competition.

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Retailer Drives Revenue Through BNPL Partners

Discover how we helped this large retailer expand their reach globally in key demographics using Buy Now Pay Later partners.

$46M Revenue Driven by
all BNPL Partners
49%of Revenue came from
$1.3MRevenue Driven from
a Single BNPL Partner
37%Revenue Increase in Placements with one U.S. BNPL Partner