September 28th 2022

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Affiliate and influencer marketing are now considered must-have marketing channels for brands, yet the strategies and responsibilities for these channels largely sit with different teams. We are seeing these industries converging at a rapid pace as influencer teams are realizing there are ways to create more outcome-driven influencer programs, making it easier to prove overall value for program investment.

On the other side, affiliate teams are interested in leveraging influencer opportunities to expand their programs with an influencer focus. Maturing technologies, strategies, and ways to think about these spaces are creating a lot of promise for continued convergence, but it's also creating a lot of confusion about what this convergence means.

Jon Claydon, Chief Development Officer at Acceleration Partners, and Coady Joy, Head of Affiliate and Partnership Education at Impact, give their take on fighting through the noise and feeling confident about the future of affiliate and influencer within the partnership marketing umbrella.

You'll learn:

  • What trends are shaping the influencer and affiliate marketing industries
  • The challenges brands are facing in their strategies
  • How influencer and affiliate can and cannot overlap
  • Tips for getting your influencer and affiliate teams to start talking a similar language
  • How to move toward outcomes in your influencer/partnership marketing mix


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