Mobile Affiliates

Mobile affiliates range from mobile networks and affiliates with a mobile app to mobile measurement and attribution providers. Brands benefit from mobile affiliates' powerful tracking technology, dynamic segmentation and geotargeting, alternate of efficient payment methods, and strong fraud prevention. 

Why Brands Partner with Mobile Affiliates

Mobile affiliates help brands by pushing downloads of—or traffic to—their app and website while giving users flexibility to shop where they want. Brands can partner with mobile affiliates in a variety of ways and compensate them with commissions, cost-per-installs, applications and linked payments, or through other methods. 

4 Ways to Maximize Your Mobile Affiliate Marketing Strategy

As of 2021, mobile devices account for 55.7% of web traffic. By 2025, it is expected that more than 75% of users worldwide will access the internet from a mobile device.1 This presents major opportunities to drive customer acquisition through mobile affiliates. Mobile offers huge potential to drive sales and engagement, track in-app and mobile site performance, and deliver hyper targeted offers. In this blog, founder and Chairman of the Board Robert Glazer shares tips on getting the most from your brand's mobile affiliate strategy.

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