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Publisher Spotlight: The Penny Hoarder

Acceleration Partners’ Publisher Spotlight is an ongoing series where members of our Publisher Development team shine a light on innovative publishers from across the world.

The AP team, spoke with Curt Dailey, Vice President of Revenue Operations for The Penny Hoarder, about The Penny Hoarder’s place in the personal finance industry and its growing community. Learn more in the interview below.


Adulting can be tough. Please explain the mission of The Penny Hoarder and explain how it can help tackle money management.

The Penny Hoarder’s mission is simple: to make personal finance accessible. We do this by providing inspiration and actionable advice about how to make, save and manage money.

When it comes to helping our readers tackle money management, we take a personalized approach. We’ll share a personal story about how a couple paid off their credit card debt or how someone landed an interesting side hustle. We’ll also include actionable tips for our readers who are interested in accomplishing similar goals.

For example, we recently did an entire piece breaking down how to save money. The article outlines everything from budgeting methods to easy ways to start saving today. We try to go deep and explain topics in-depth so our readers can take action right away.

We all have money questions we’re too embarrassed to ask or unsure of who to turn to. Our readers write us all the time and we often find we have the same money questions they do. Having this awareness and understanding of our reader helps us identify content opportunities to address everyday personal finance questions.


The Penny Hoarder receives millions of visitors each month. What was the driver for starting The Penny Hoarder community on your website, and what does it involve?

It was important to us to create a safe, engaging space that encouraged feedback and discussion among our readers.

For many people, money is a stressful topic. And, a conversation around something as personal as money should never be one-sided. With The Penny Hoarder community, we’re fostering an environment that allows for ongoing conversation.

Our readers can offer support to one another and ask each other questions. You can read hundreds of articles on how to start a budget but being able to post in a community and immediately hear back from someone in a similar situation is priceless.

Our readers are open about what they want to see on the site, too. We’ve found our community has been a great place for us to find what money topic to write about next. Everyone has different financial goals — it’s great to be able to identify what questions readers have and how best we can address them.


Why would you recommend The Penny Hoarder and what is the main differentiator to other personal finance sites?

I’d recommend The Penny Hoarder if you’re looking for inspirational, easy-to-understand and actionable personal finance advice. We know how convoluted personal finance can feel so we aim to make it stress-free.

The Penny Hoarder not only shares inspirational stories around money management, but we also share action items you can take today to meet your financial goals.

We love connecting with our readers and strive to offer them a unique, personalized experience with our brand. For example, we have our SMS program where we share 2-3 text messages a week that outline a money tip or strategy you can take to make a difference in your budget. Or, there’s The Penny Hoarder community that makes it easy to connect with other like-minded individuals and receive feedback.


What are The Penny Hoarder’s key goals for the next 12 months?

It’s important for us to keep serving our readers the best content possible and that means honing in on core topic areas. This helps us have deeper conversations and be a go-to for our readers.We want to make sure our readers have the best experience with our brand, so we’ll pursue ways to connect personally with our audience.


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Author: Vikki Danielson