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How Strong Core Values Can Help Your Company Succeed

At Acceleration Partners, our singular focus is creating and nurturing partnerships that drive exceptional outcomes for our clients. Partnerships that cross channels, industries, and oceans to supercharge growth. One way Acceleration Partners works toward this partnership marketing standard of excellence is by upholding the following three Core Values with our employees, clients and partners.

Our strong Core Values ensure we stay aligned and connected as we work together to fulfill our Vivid Vision and achieve our goals.


Own It

We step up to the opportunities in front of us, bet on our own abilities and rise to the occasion.

“Owning it” means being proactive and taking accountability for outcomes, even when variables are beyond our control and ambiguity is present. We are confident and accountable in everything we do and are comfortable holding our teammates accountable as well.

“Working in Sales at AP usually means fitting your calendar around other time zones and preferences, so I find that with AP’s approach to work flexibility, I can work hard and sometimes long hours when I need to, then take the hours back when it’s a bit quieter.” – Tim Pike

“Starting your day in the right mindset is key … it’s important to have a morning routine, whether it’s working out in the morning or getting the kids to school. Also, whether you have your own office or if it’s a corner in your living room, it’s vital that you have a workspace that enables you to be productive and motivated!” – Diego Montoya

“At Acceleration Partners, we strive to provide superior client service and are a feedback-driven culture, so I am often meeting with clients to gain additional insight and feedback into achieving their goals to ensure their overall happiness with our services.” – Heather Creamer

“I follow a morning and evening routine, which involves ten minutes of meditation. This helps me to be a better “me” and minimize stress. During my working day, I use a timer to take a five-minute break every twenty-five minutes to enhance my focus and productivity.” – Zeina Rizk


Embrace Relationships

Relationships advance our personal and professional lives, contributing greatly to our successes.

We focus on long-term outcomes, meaningful relationships and genuine connections with our clients, teammates and partners. We believe that competence and character are fundamental to relationships built on trust, and that quality relationships allow us to achieve more.

“While I see all three core values exemplified in my Acceleration Partners teammates every day, Embrace Relationships is one that is most important to me in my professional life. Even in a remote company, the rapport we’ve built within the team and with our clients makes me look forward to coming to work each day.” – Annie Ferlmann

“I love building new partnerships and presenting opportunities that have arisen through those relationships.” – Saran Bansal

“I believe the most important requirement of my job is the ability to build relationships. This is partner marketing, and creating meaningful relationships with your affiliates, team members, and clients leads to excellent results.” – Thomas Popaditch

“Communication quality and process efficiency are not compromised by not seeing team members in person. We have various ways to stay connected and aligned about information.” – Yuting Wu


Excel & Improve

We believe that excellence and continuous improvement are inextricably intertwined.

Excellence is a habit created through practice, discipline, and a holistic commitment to quality in all aspects of our lives. We embrace continuous improvement, a love for learning and pushing outside of our comfort zones. We are self-aware and strive to get better in everything that we do.

“Acceleration Partners ensures that feedback goes two-ways so that employees have a safe space to provide feedback directly to managers and the leadership team. I believe this is important because there’s always something that we can learn from each other, no matter your role. Taking the time to provide constructive feedback also shows that we care for our peers’ growth.” – Michele Lim

“I’m dedicated to giving real-time feedback and making sure my team is growing, along with the programs they manage. It’s also important to me to make work fun and a place where everyone genuinely enjoys logging on each and every day!” – Madison Malasavage

“Being able to coach and mentor another member of the team has been a joy to me. Sharing knowledge gained over my time in the affiliate industry and AP best practices and values, when enabling others to grow, is an aspect of work I both enjoy and take immense pride in.” – Macarena Jimenez

“I get to work with a diverse team that comes from different cultures and experiences. Their life journey to get to Acceleration Partners all differ, but what everyone has in common is a growth mindset that bonds us together. I love how Acceleration Partners brings localized expertise, ideas and challenges to the table to help our internal team and clients thrive.” – Yas Davami


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