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Cardlytics Partnership Increases Incremental ROAS 94% for Lulus

Based in California and serving millions of customers worldwide, Lulus develops styles with the customer in mind, using direct consumer feedback and insights to refine its products. As Lulus continued to grow their consumer base, they wanted to focus affiliate marketing efforts on driving new, incremental customers and leveraging more analytics and insights in their partnership strategy.

Discover how Acceleration Partners introduced Cardlytics to help Lulus achieve their customer acquisition goals, resulting in a 326% increase in sales driven QoQ.


As a result of AP’s creative strategy and the partnership with Cardlytics, Lulus was able to meet and exceed their KPIs for each quarter in 2021. The growth percentages and results, below, are based on a year-over-year assessment from Q2 2021 and Q2 2022 and are based on Cardlytics data and analysis and specific to the Cardlytics offer.


increase in customers served in Q2


increase in sales driven in Q2


increase in incremental ROAS in Q2

After seeing the significant impact Cardlytics made towards Lulus’ goals, AP and Lulus extended the partnership into 2023. Provable results matter. Insights-driven strategies can help brands maximise their full customer potential. Cardlytics addressed both for AP and Lulus.


The AP team introduced Cardlytics to help Lulus achieve their customer acquisition goals. Cardlytics is a trusted AP partner providing access to exclusive bank partnerships, massive scale, and consistent generation of incremental revenue. With visibility to in-market demand and the ability to shift consumer spending, Cardlytics was well suited for Lulus/AP’s strategy.

Based on insights uncovered by the AP and Cardlytics teams, recruitment and optimisation strategies were developed to deliver on Lulus’ client acquisition goals to gain new customers:


  • Recruitment Strategy
    Cardlytics’ in-depth reporting showed where Lulus customers had been shopping. This shopping data was then used to refine AP’s recruitment lists for Lulus’ direct and indirect competition. This opened a new set of content partners for the brand that hadn’t previously been targeted.
  • Optimisation Strategy
    Cardlytics and Lulus’ promotional and product insights provided the data needed to create meaningful optimisation campaigns with current partners to drive new customer sales.


Lulus, AP and Cardlytics collaborated on an extensive performance analysis of the programme, leveraging Cardlytics transaction data to prove out incremental lift. iROAS was reported via a precise TvC analysis, revealing not only incrementality but also what served as the drivers of this revenue – increase in transactions, increase in basket size.

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