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SitePlug Drives $14M+ in Sales for Acceleration Partners’ Clients

When Acceleration Partners’ clients started seeing competition swooping in on their users, SitePlug offered a solution that would that would regain those lost users while saving brands both time and money. By leveraging SitePlug’s performance marketing solutions—Site Discover, Site Direct, and Site Suggest—Acceleration Partners’ publisher development and account teams were able to drive incremental sales for their clients.



sales driven for 40+ AP clients 2019-2022


conversion rates across all verticals


leads driven for Finance clients


leads driven for Technology clients


Some of Acceleration Partners’ clients were losing high intent users to competitors on various stages of their customer journey. SitePlug’s unique approach to Search and Content helped clients regain these lost users efficiently and effectively. With SitePlug’s distinctive media placements, Acceleration Partners was able to achieve the following:
Drive incremental sales for AP clients through new customer acquisitions.
Plug bottom-of-funnel leaks for clients and retain existing users.
Optimize clients’ performance through automation.


Acceleration Partners pointed brands to SitePlug’s three innovative performance solutions, aimed at targeting users at different touchpoints.

Site Discover
Up to 90% of all users search for reviews and deals before making a purchase. Site Discover helped brands effectively reach high intent users by providing them with instant access to over 10,000 content websites, coupon partners and social media handles—maximizing integration and setup time, which reduced costs and achieved high return on ad spend and conversion rates.
Site Direct

Up to 50% of users try to navigate directly to a brand’s webpage, and out of these users, 30% get lost because of various typographical and top-level domain errors. With the help of Site Direct, AP clients ensured users reached the brand’s landing page without being distracted by competitor ads and avoided the lengthy legal process of acquiring typo domains, saving brands time and money.

Site Suggest

Brands spend a considerable amount of their search budgets on major search engines. With Site Suggest, they got access to the small- and medium-sized browsers, search engines/extensions and keyboard apps at a cost-effective cost per action. Brands were able to unlock instant access to users of these applications with recommendations based on branded keywords, typos and generic keywords before they even reached a search engine results page.

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