The Case Study

CouponFollow Increases Revenue +37% For Brands From Diverse Verticals

Acceleration Partners and CouponFollow, one of the largest coupon destinations for online shoppers, saw a need to offer brands that typically don't work with coupon sites the ability to leverage this lucrative affiliate partnership by finding a creative point-of-entry. This led to the creation of an AP-exclusive newsletter that taps into CouponFollow's vast network while allowing AP brands to opt in for very little—while still reaping a large return.

Discover how one particular newsletter reached 30K+ recipients and increased revenue for participating AP clients by +37%.


+30Kemail recipients

56%email open rate

+37%avg. revenue increase for brands

+13%avg. clicks increase for brands

+10%avg. transactions increase for brands

The Challenge

Acceleration Partners (AP) works with leading brands from diverse industry verticals, delivering end-to-end affiliate and partnership marketing services at scale. Some common program challenges AP was hearing from clients that we sought to address included:

Finding opportunities to cost-effectively boost reach and sales

Increasing brand awareness and growing marketplace presence

Attracting loyal customers and building retention

The AP team realized a strategic partnership with a coupon affiliate could solve many of these challenges, but some small- to mid-sized brands were running into a roadblock. Some brands either don’t offer coupons or larger holiday placements fell outside of their budgets. The AP team brainstormed with top-tier affiliate CouponFollow and created a unique placement opportunity that was presented to AP brands.

Our Approach

Thanks to Acceleration Partners’ well-established, long-term partnership with CouponFollow, one of the largest coupon destinations for online shoppers, a series of AP-exclusive newsletters were created.

After doing two initially successful exclusive newsletters in 2021, another two newsletters were planned for 2022 with two focuses:

  1. An End-of-Summer Clearance newsletter was sent during a time when the market was not oversaturated with promotions and competing e-commerce events, thus creating a unique shopping event for the AP brands featured in the email.

  2. A Back-to-School newsletter was sent during this busy shopping season to capture the attention of high-intent shoppers and showcase a wide variety of AP brands.

What made these newsletter opportunities so appealing was CouponFollow’s ability to offer an easy point-of-entry into the promotion: interested AP brands could opt in with an exclusive code, commission increase, or a small flat fee.

CouponFollow was able to provide AP brands with a flexible and cost-effective way to promote their brand, share a compelling deal or offer, and reach a large audience at scale. The newsletter was sent to CouponFollow’s loyal audience of 30,000+ email subscribers.

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