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Is Your Brand Ready for Back-to-School Shopping?

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time for your brand to start thinking about its back-to-school marketing plans. Hammering out the details of your game plan now will ensure that you can capitalize on this annual wave of shopping and generate plenty of revenue before the fall lull in consumer spending.

The question is, what’s the best way to connect with back-to-school (BTS) shoppers in 2023? While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, here are five effective strategies to ensure your brand’s success during the upcoming back-to-school shopping season.

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1. Start early to capture early bird shoppers

Everyone waits until the last minute to go back to school shopping, right? Actually, most parents prefer to do their shopping weeks to months before school begins.

Don’t fret if you missed the first wave of back-to-school shopping; there’s still time to capitalize on this lucrative season. Around 60% of consumers plan to do their BTS shopping between July and August, with college parents starting as early as May. That means you’ll have missed out on the first big wave of purchases if you wait until school is four weeks away to launch your first major campaign.

To maximize your impact, start marketing your BTS products in June. Late June and early July see a spike in shopping activity. Timing your marketing strategy appropriately is key to capitalizing on the full back-to-school shopping surge and the profits it promises.


2. Embrace the health and eco-friendly trend

Modern consumers are more environmentally conscious (and health-conscious) than ever. Many moms, in particular, insist on buying their kids sustainable, healthy products.

You can tap into this shift in consumer values by offering healthy goods. For instance, you could swap out plastic packaging for paper and share your efforts to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Also, consider replacing any potentially harmful fabrics or materials with healthier alternatives. For example, removing BPA from your plastic goods and labeling them as “BPA-free” can help you distinguish your offerings from the competition and showcase them in a more positive light.


3. Time your campaigns strategically

Remember, timing is everything when it comes to your back-to-school marketing campaign.

If you kick off your campaign a few days late, you may not gain the traction you need to maximize sales. On the other hand, if you launch your core content too early, you could burn through your ad revenue before consumers go looking for BTS deals.

Timing your marketing campaign can be tricky, especially considering that school start dates vary across the country.

Do a little research on core school districts within your target regions and structure your campaign in waves to ensure that you can connect with each demographic. Be mindful of college start dates, as well, as these tend to fall a week or two before K–12 back-to-school timetables.


4. Encourage upcycling for added value

Offering healthy products is a great way to stand out from the competition. However, you can connect with an even wider audience by offering reusable packaging. For instance, you could package your products in durable boxes that can be repurposed to store school supplies like pencils, notebooks, etc.

Supporting customers’ upcycling aspirations is also a way of offering them greater value. Parents can save money by reusing your packaging instead of purchasing additional containers for supplies.


5. Leverage partnership marketing with Acceleration Partners for unparalleled growth

All of the above tips can certainly help you prepare for the back-to-school shopping season.

However, if you want to make the 2023 BTS shopping wave your most profitable one yet, you need a robust partnership marketing strategy. Collaborating with influencers and affiliate partners can significantly enhance your visibility among your target audience.

As the global leader in partnership marketing, Acceleration Partners can provide your brand with expert guidance and comprehensive services to make your 2023 back-to-school shopping season a resounding success.

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