Acceleration Partners Launches RAMP™

Acceleration Partners Launches RAMP™

New affiliate management solution will meet needs of small to mid-sized e-commerce retailers.

RAMP Affiliate Management

Acceleration Partners, a digital strategy and affiliate marketing firm, announced today the official launch of RAMP™ after a five-month beta period. RAMP™ is an affiliate marketing management solution designed for small to mid-sized e-commerce retailers.

RAMP™ solves the dilemma faced by retailers who want to develop a quality affiliate marketing program, but whose online revenue is not large enough to justify the comprehensive services of a top-tier agency. To date, growing a high-quality affiliate program has often meant choosing between an inexperienced in-house resource or a small agency with limited resources, both of which lack the necessary time, tools and experience to properly manage and grow an affiliate program. RAMP™ bridges this gap, allowing retailers to acquire new-to-file customers and drive incremental sales while maintaining brand integrity.

“Generating real results through affiliate programs has largely been limited to companies with the ability to hire full-service affiliate management agencies,” said Robert Glazer, founder and managing director of Acceleration Partners. “We wanted to provide an affordable option that maximizes results for companies that are looking to start up or expand their affiliate programs and help accelerate the affiliate recruitment process so that they have a better first time experience with affiliate marketing.”

The solution is ideal for fast-growing e-commerce retailers with online annual revenue of more than $2 million as well as larger brands with a new or underdeveloped affiliate programs. Rather than focusing on a low-cost, low-value approach, RAMP™ provides online retailers immediate access to top publishers, offers the best practices of larger programs and includes thorough compliance, fraud and brand protection. With RAMP™, merchants can grow affiliate programs in a smart, safe and cost-effective way. Merchants can grow at their own rate and transition seamlessly into a full management program when the time is right.

As an industry leader in attribution, affiliate engagement and new affiliate recruitment, Acceleration Partners has successfully managed affiliate programs for some of the most well-known consumer retailers, including Target, Shutterfly and adidas. Coupling experience with customized strategy, RAMP™ allows retailers at all stages to access the quality, support and brand protection of Acceleration Partners’ programs.

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