Finance and FinTech brands that have achieved success in partnership marketing know that it can be an incredibly lucrative channel to acquires high value customers in a competitive space. They also know that the key to success is a custom developed program that is designed to meet their goals, and also adheres to the accuracy and compliance standards required of these brands. Acceleration Partners has the expert teams with deep industry experience to build and grow these programs.

Our teams can work with you to understand your goals and carefully consider the unique challenges and opportunities that finance and fintech brands have in the partnership channel. Your client services teams will be matched to your specific needs, and you'll work with account managers that have the partnership experience to ensure your program drives cost-effective and compliant results.

Cost-Effective Customer Acquisition

Whether your brand is focused on personal finance, real estate, investing, insurance, or another financial segment, finding and developing key performance partnerships is one of the best and quickest ways to acquire new customers.  In fact, acquiring customers through the partnership marketing channel is often more cost effective than through other channels because payment is made upon the completion of a defined action. Our team is experienced in recommending partners who can best attract and retain high-value customers for financial and FinTech brands.

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Affiliate Marketing + Facebook Live Collaboration Adds 388 New Users for FinTech App

Download this case study to see specific examples of the Facebook Live social posts and to learn what results this affiliate marketing campaign drove for an Acceleration Partners client.


388 new app users who linked their credit card
within the 48-hour Facebook live event