We recognize the challenges that business-to-business (B2B) brands face when developing a partnership marketing program and understand that every brand is unique. We also recognize the immense opportunity this channel offers to brands … The partnership marketing industry is forecasted to exceed $8 billion in 2022 and already accounts for more than 15% of all digital marketing revenue (for both B2B and B2C brands). 

Acceleration Partners manages more B2B clients than any other partnership marketing agency. We deliver fully integrated, strategic, and transparent B2B partnership marketing program management. Our dedicated and experienced B2B teams take a consultative approach to understand each brand's sector, audience, and challenges to custom tailor a scalable solution that delivers measurable outcomes. 

Whether you are looking to build or expand brand reputation, drive more sales, or increase customer lifetime value (CLV), we can help. 

Customized Approach

We understand the inherent differences and challenges of a B2B program, and have the expertise, technology, and resources required to develop and manage a partnership marketing program that accounts for your sector, audience, and goals.

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Unique Partnership Drives High-Value Leads, Acquisition for B2B Partner Marketing Program

Learn how a unique partnership helped a global brand generate high-value leads and acquire new customers through their B2B partner marketing program. Only from Acceleration Partners.


45% successful conversion rate 

For the first campaign, the AP team, the client and Valpak worked together to develop messaging and creative for an initial direct mail campaign involving an A/B creative test that was sent to 50,000 client-selected restaurants across the United States. The initial test performed so well, surpassing both Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Acquisition goals, that the client and team were eager to run another campaign. Since that initial test, the partnership with Valpak continued to flourish testing different audiences, including retargeting closed-lost leads, targeting restaurants using other services and tapping into Valpak's robust data house for their largest national campaign targeting many SMB restaurants in the US. After one year of partnership and five successful campaigns, Valpak has surpassed volume expectations for leads and acquisitions.