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Why Every B2B Company Should Be Leveraging Partnership Marketing

In 2022, over 60% of digital marketing spend went to paid marketing channels. With this level of demand for paid media, it is no surprise costs for these channels are at an all-time high. While competitiveness among paid media channels continues to increase, many brands are exploring alternative channels where they can be more effective with their ad spend. Enter partnership marketing.

Broadly speaking, partnership marketing is a growth strategy where brands team up with publishers, influencers, affiliates, or even other brands, and leverage their audience to make a conversion—whether it’s to drive sales, leads, new customers, etc. Partnership marketing can be used in many forms, whether it be to engage users at their highest point of intent to buy by partnering with review sites, or even to counter declining consumer sentiment by partnering with deal sites.

In fact, just over 80% of e-commerce brands leverage partnership marketing in addition or as an alternative to other paid channels. Following suit, B2B brands are adopting partnership marketing strategies at a rapid pace.

This collaborative report with PartnerStack aims to help channel leaders:

  • Understand the current B2B partnership marketing landscape
  • Find opportunities within B2B partnership marketing to reach goals and KPIs
  • Build a B2B partnership program that can achieve scalable growth
  • Discover which affiliate partners would be the right fit for your B2B partnership program
  • And much more!


Ready to learn how you can implement B2B partnership marketing into your growth strategy?