The Case Study

GoToMeeting's B2B Affiliate Programme Yields 725% Increase in Paid Accounts

GoToMeeting is a service owned and operated by LogMeIn, enabling businesses to connect with anyone, anywhere through video conferencing, screen sharing, conference calling, and more.

The global B2B GoToMeeting affiliate programme covers 32 countries, across three regions (North America, EMEA and APAC). Acceleration Partners and GoToMeeting understand the importance of having someone who speaks the local language, has expert knowledge of affiliate marketing and the cultural nuances of the region(s) in which they work. Having experts in each market ensures that strategies are tailored to regional nuances and local partner preferences.

Discover how Acceleration Partners worked with GoToMeeting to create a strategy that supported brand growth and increased the number of paid accounts in the affiliate channel, while maintaining a target CPA.


725% increase in paid accounts period-over-period (PoP)

701% increase in free trials PoP

100% increase in action
active partners PoP 

146% increase in click active
partners PoP


The Challenge

Prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic, some organisations realised the huge benefits of offering remote and hybrid work opportunities, though the market for video conferencing and remote collaboration tools was relatively small. When the demand for video conferencing services skyrocketed during the pandemic, existing remote collaboration and communication solution providers scrambled to expand their service offerings so they could capture as many new accounts as possible.

While GoToMeeting was able to expand as millions of professionals transitioned to work-form-home roles, the virtual collaboration and video conferencing space had suddenly become saturated. The brand sought to increase market share, drive paid accounts via its affiliate channel, and maintain a programme CPA of $100-$200 throughout the campaign.

Our Approach

Partner Recruitment, Activation, and Optimization

Acceleration Partners identified areas of opportunity around partner recruitment, activation, and optimisation. Then the team created a curated list of global partners to boost GoToMeeting brand awareness. Each partner was targeted with personal email messaging, which included sign-up links and GoToMeeting product information.
Partner Optimisation

AP offered a three-month CPA increase to high-value content partners in exchange for a review or blog post.

Partner Activation

AP worked to foster new partner relationships on a global scale.

Partner Recruitment

Fresh and captivating new content, along with CPA increases and bonus incentives helped the team leverage partnerships.

These efforts allowed GoToMeeting to expand its market share and transform the affiliate program into one of its most valuable channels.

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