Subnetwork Affiliates

A subnetwork affiliate, or a sub-affiliate network, is a company that offers services and support to both brands and affiliates (content creators, bloggers, influencers, website owners, etc.) and helps these sub-affiliates monetize their blog, website, social channel, etc. on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis. When a sub-affiliate drives a desired conversion/outcome for the brand, the sub-affiliate network is compensated by the brand. The sub-affiliate network then passes a percentage of that compensation on to the sub-affiliate who contributed to those conversions. 

Why Brands Partner with Sub-Affiliate Network Affiliates

Sub-affiliate networks offer brands an efficient and effective way to grow and scale their affiliate programs through access to a variety of partners, increasing potential web traffic, sales, and revenue.  Through a sub-affiliate network affiliate, a brand can share offers with hundreds of affiliates without establishing direct relationships with each individual affiliate.

What Are Sub-Affiliate Networks?

Like any partner within the affiliate marketing ecosystem, sub-affiliate networks help brands promote their products and services efficiently and cost-effectively. Where sub-affiliate networks differ is in how brands partner with them. Learn how the sub-affiliate model works, ways to partner with (and pay) them, and best practices for establishing productive and profitable sub-affiliate network affiliate relationships.

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