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Ombre Selects Acceleration Partners to Manage Their Affiliate Program

Ombre has selected Acceleration Partners to take over program management of their affiliate marketing program!

Self-care, meet science. Ombre’s easy at-home tests provide you with a quantified view of your unique microbiome. They analyze your DNA to provide evidence-based recommendations on lifestyle, diet and strain-specific probiotics.

Discovery is key to a healthy microbiome. Ready to begin your gut wellness journey? Their kit includes:

  • Gut microbiome test conducted in the privacy of your home.
  • Free USPS shipping, with a 2-3 week turnaround on results.
  • Unique microbiome report and personalized food recommendations for your gut.
  • Targeted probiotic supplement recommendation based on your sample analysis.


Affiliates interested in becoming a part of Ombre’s program will find they have several unique offerings, including monthly newsletters announcing new products and promotions, new creative to help promote Ombre on your website, and opportunities for exclusive offers. Content, sub-affiliate networks, and mass media affiliates are especially encouraged to consider joining this lucrative program!

To learn more about Ombre’s program, visit our website here.


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